Grocery markets and fruit and vegetable stores. Where to buy fruits in Bali?

Where to buy fruits in Bali?
Reviews of fruit and vegetable stores by areas. If you have any corrections, feel free to add them.
If you are used to fruit stands and carts in Thailand and Vietnam, where fresh-cut fruits or fruits that are cut for you right after purchase are sold, unfortunately, you will be surprised here. Fruits are almost not sold this way in Bali. The very hot and humid climate may be to blame. Sometimes, drivers on bikes with glass boxes on their seats drive around the streets, and Indonesians buy cut fruits from these boxes. But foreigners do not take such fruits. If you see such a driver, you will understand why.
  • Locals buy fruits at traditional morning markets. To catch fresh fruits, you need to arrive very early, because morning markets close around noon.
  • There is an option to buy fruits in supermarkets. They are sometimes sliced and, since they are stored in refrigerators, they are usually fresh.
  • Some minimarkets of the Indomaret or AlfaMart chains have seasonal fruits. There are not many of them, and the selection is small.
  • If you spend a lot of time on the beach, aunts with fruit baskets on their heads will surely come to you and offer to cut fruits for you. Watch for hygiene and how the process goes so that you do not get into trouble later.
  • Well, in some juice cafes, you can buy fruit salads. If you ask, they will cut an assortment of different tropical fruits for you. The plus is that hygiene and sanitation there are better than on the beaches.
  • Fruit stalls on busy roads where tourists pass. The word "tourists" in this phrase is crucial. Many such stalls are located on the way to Kintamani and on the way to the Tanah Lot temple. Well, you already understand that in such places, prices may be high. The seller expects that there will be many tourists in the tour bus, they will all be in a hurry, not particularly counting money and watching prices. Buy fruits in such places if you roughly know the prices of fruits and vegetables in Bali and are ready to make sure that everything is counted correctly.
Food (fruit and vegetable) markets and stores by regions of Bali:
If you live in a non-touristy area and do not know where to buy fruits, ask locals where to find a "pasar lokal" (local market).
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