Food Markets and Stores in Bukit. Where to Buy fruits?

Photo:  Lena Mulina 
Bukit is not only the area with the best beaches for swimming but also home to the richest fruit and vegetable markets. Here is also the only fish market on the island.
Like in all countries, the market is a place where you can buy the freshest and most diverse fruits and vegetables at local prices. The price difference between stores and the market sometimes reaches 30-50%, and the range almost always exceeds the richest grocery supermarkets.
The prices at the market are reasonable. For example, the cost of a dozen eggs in stores ranges from 22 to 25 thousand rupiahs, while at the market, it's 18-20 thousand rupiahs (data as of January 2024). The price of a coconut in stores is 25 thousand rupiahs, while at the market, it's 20 thousand rupiahs. Prices for almost any products are lower by 3-5 thousand rupiahs, although bargaining heavily at grocery markets is not customary—prices here are not aimed at tourists but at locals.
You can find the nearest market to you on Google Maps by searching for "pasar." In this article, we will list all the markets and major grocery stores located in Bukit.
Photo: Lena Mulina 


Kedonganan Fish Market - Fish Market

Opening hours - from 6 am to 8 pm.
Strangely enough, on the island of Bali, located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, there are very few places with a wide selection of fish and seafood at reasonable prices. One of them is the fish market in Jimbaran. In all other areas, the choice of fish is severely limited, and most often it can only be purchased in restaurants.
Only at the fish market can you buy oysters for 40-50 thousand rupiahs per kilogram, tuna for 50 thousand rupiahs per kilogram, and shrimp - from 80-90 thousand rupiahs per kilogram (the price depends on the size of the shrimp).
This market operates not only in the morning but also during the day. It doesn't have an extensive selection, but like any market, you can bargain.
Here is a huge selection of fish and marine creatures not only from local seas but also from exported fish. You can also buy Norwegian salmon, tuna fillet, and much more.
The market operates until 8 - 9 pm, but the maximum assortment is available until approximately 7:00-7:30 pm. It's better to come early in the morning - at this time, you will buy the freshest products.
You can grill fish right at the market or in coastal cafes - it costs from 15 to 25 thousand per kilogram.
Life hack: ask the seller to clean the fish for grilling right away - it's free, and you won't have to overpay for the grill.
Also, at the fish market, you can buy vegetables, spices, and even a grill, coconut charcoal, and grates if you decide to barbecue yourself.

Pasar Ampera

Hours of operation - from 5 am to 8 pm.
One of the largest and richest assortment markets. Here you can find literally everything - local fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, coconuts, spices, and much more. 
Tomatoes - from 15 thousand per kilogram.
Cucumbers - from 10 thousand per kilogram.
Papaya - 20 thousand per kilogram.
Mango - depends on the season. At times when local mango harvests are taken from the island (2 - 3 times a year), prices drop to 15-17 thousand per kilogram. At other times, exported mangoes are sold - prices for them reach 50 thousand per kilogram.
You will find similar prices at all markets in Bukit. We would like to note that prices for local fruits and vegetables may vary depending on the variety of products and the season.
You can bargain, but it's unlikely to get significant discounts. However, you can expect a discount of 5 - 10%.

Pasar Telaga Sari Ungasan

Opening hours - from 4:30 am to 9 pm.
This market is slightly smaller and less well-known than Pasar Ampera. There are 5 - 6 spacious stalls selling fruits and vegetables here. Nevertheless, you can also buy everything you need for cooking at home here.
There is no meat at the market, but within walking distance (approximately 200 meters), there is a kiosk selling chilled chicken.
We want to draw your attention to the fact that you will hardly find meat and fish at the markets of Bukit – for these products, you need to go to stores.

Pasar Desa Ungasan

Opening hours - from 5:30 am to 9:30 am.
This market, like most "district" trading platforms, starts early in the morning – from 5 o'clock or even earlier, and finishes by 9 - 10. If you pass by this place during the day or in the evening, you may not even realize that there was a market here.
After 10, there are very few stationary shops operating here, whereas in the morning, several dozen Indonesian women sell local fruits, vegetables, ritual offerings, as well as street food wrapped in banana leaves so that workers and employees can take lunch with them.
At this market in the mornings, you can also buy chilled chicken.

Pasar Desa Jimbaran

Opening hours from 6 am to 10 pm.
A small market of local significance in Jimbaran. Here you can buy vegetables, fruits, eggs, and greens.
In the mornings, you can also buy chicken, fish, and seafood here. And in the evenings, there is ready-to-eat street food: boiled rice wrapped in banana leaves, bakso - meatballs in broth, etc.
There are also stalls here with clothing, offerings, and even decorations.

Pasar tradicional alas kusuma

Opening hours from 6 am to 10 pm.
A small and not very popular market - therefore, prices here may be slightly lower, and queues may be smaller.
Here you can buy fruits, vegetables, greens, and in the mornings - fish and chicken.
There are also stalls here selling ready-made Indonesian food, as well as industrial goods and household items.
A large assortment is available at this market in the morning, but during the day, the number of open stalls decreases significantly.

Tents at the entrance to the Puri Gading area

This place cannot be called a permanent market, but it's worth knowing about because active trading "from cars" unfolds here every evening. Literally, cars gather here, from which various seasonal goods are sold.
During the durian, mango, and watermelon season, fruits can be found here at very reasonable prices.
During New Year's, fireworks, balloons, and poppers are sold here in full swing.
On Bali, there is always a harvest of some fruits or vegetables in any month, so the area at the entrance to Puri Gading is never empty.

Pasar Berkah Puri Gading

Opening hours from 6 am to 8 pm.
This market is mainly for locals. Here you can find clothing, street food, fruits, vegetables, greens, and much more.
Most of the goods are local; there are practically no exported vegetables. The market is quite cheap, but the assortment is limited. However, it's convenient that within walking distance, there is a food court with many inexpensive cafes, as well as Pepito - where you can buy various food items to take home or dine in.

Pasar Desa Adat Kampial

Opening hours from 4 am to 10 am.
A very small local market. If you don't specifically know about it, you might drive by during the day and not notice this place at all.
However, there aren't many markets in this area, so it's useful to know about this place, especially for those who like to get up early.
In the morning market, you can find everything you need - fruits, vegetables, boiled rice, eggs, chicken - at very reasonable prices. The earlier you arrive at the market, the more chances you have of finding a good assortment.
Convenient for those living in Pecatu, Uluwatu, and the entire southern remote part of Bukit. There's a decent selection of vegetables and fruits, although the prices are higher than at the local market. The staff is a bit slow. Visitors do not recommend buying eggs there.



A chain of stores that mainly caters to foreigners.
Excellent range of products, clean stores, friendly staff, and almost everyone speaks English, so they can assist and help with your selection.
Pepito stores operate in several formats.
Pepito Express - a compact format where groceries are sold - canned goods, groceries, ready-made pastries and bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, household chemicals, hygiene products, and pet supplies. Alcohol and dairy products.
Pepito Market - a standard format where the same items as in Pepito Express are sold, plus fresh meat, chicken, and fish.
Gourmet Market - the most expanded format, which combines a grocery supermarket and a food court. There you can choose steaks from Australian beef, salmon, various types of meat, and they will prepare them for you right in the store. There are also tables where you can eat, a salad bar, sections with sushi, burgers, food cooked in woks, and much more. Currently, there is only one store of this format. It is located in the Sidewalk shopping center.
Prices in Pepito stores are relatively high, but the selection is large - from imported raspberries and cherries to local tomatoes, which are sold directly in pots.
Approximate prices:
- 2.5% Milk 1 liter - 32 thousand
- Eggs - from 24 thousand
- Bread - from 30 thousand
- Pasta - from 25 thousand
- Apples - from 50 thousand
- Coffee - from 15 thousand (Balinese coffee), from 45 thousand robusta, from 55 thousand - arabica.
- 19-liter water - 25 thousand (Aqua), 30 thousand (Balian).


A popular chain of local stores. The trading points of this chain are conveniently located in almost all areas of Bukit: Ungasan, Jimbaran, Pecatu, etc. These are large stores, with 80% of the assortment consisting of groceries: fruits, vegetables, dry goods, beverages, dairy products, fresh meat and chicken, sausages, snacks. There is also a department with industrial goods - cleaning supplies, household chemicals, cosmetics, and even basic inexpensive clothing. Since the pandemic, the stores have slightly changed their format, they have stopped selling small household appliances (fans, irons, toasters, etc.), and overall, the non-food section has been significantly reduced. Prices are local. The staff hardly speak English, so you are unlikely to receive additional consultation. Nevertheless, you can buy almost everything you need in this store.
Approximate prices:
- 2.5% Milk 1 liter - 30 thousand
- Eggs - 20 thousand
- Bread - from 20 thousand
- Apples - from 40 thousand
- 19-liter water - 28 thousand (Balian)

Ithon market

A chain of hypermarkets aimed at local residents. There are three such hypermarkets in Bukit - on Bypass, in Nusa Dua, and one in Ungasan.
Stores of this format are large in area, offering a wide range of products, including groceries, household goods, items for children.
Prices are relatively lower than at Pepito, and the selection is slightly broader - mainly due to non-food items (dishes, household goods, plastic furniture, small household appliances, etc.) and children's goods.
There is a larger assortment of local products here - cheap seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, clothing, toys, kitchenware - dishes and household appliances. Among the downsides, the store staff hardly speak English, sometimes there is a bit of "creative disorder" on the shelves, and the products are relatively simple, belonging to the lower and middle price segments.
Approximate prices:
- 2.5% Milk 1 liter - 32 thousand
- Eggs - 22 thousand
- Bread - from 20 thousand
- Arabica Coffee - 62 thousand


A chain of supermarkets targeting the Indonesian audience. In Bukit, there are 3 supermarkets: one in Uluwatu and two in Jimbaran - the first and the second.
Clandy’s stores are of large format. They sell not only groceries but also clothing, household goods, and children's items. For example, on Uluwatu Street in the Ungasan area, the store is two stories tall. On the first floor, there is a large clothing store for adults and children. Prices are super low, and the quality is geared towards locals. On the second floor, there is a grocery department. They sell dairy products, fruits, vegetables, canned goods, sweets, groceries, as well as dishes for adults and children, hygiene products, etc.
If you plan to live on Bali for a long time and visit Clandy’s often, we advise you to buy their loyalty card right away. It costs 15,000 rupees, and you can carry it with you for a discount or upload it to the Clandy’s app and show the QR code when paying at the checkout. In the store, all items are displayed with two prices - with the loyalty card and without it.
Approximate prices:
- Chocolate - from 30 thousand
- Tomatoes - from 15 thousand
- Pasta - from 20 thousand

Toko Summer Jaya

A large grocery store opposite the entrance to Puri Gading. They sell frozen ready-to-eat meals, canned goods. Local expatriates love this store for its relatively large alcohol section, where prices are lower than in other stores.
Also, this store has a section with cheap cosmetics and a section at the entrance with pastries and cakes.
There are no fruits and vegetables in this store, and the staff doesn't speak English. However, the prices for groceries are like those for locals.
Approximate prices:
- Milk 2.5% 1 liter - 30 thousand.
- Canned goods - from 20 thousand.
- Bread - from 20 thousand.
- Coffee - from 10 thousand (bali copi).

Bali Dairy Manufacture

Few tourists in Bali know that in the very center of Bukit, there is a real dairy factory, built and set up by the German owner. The enterprise mainly supplies cheese and dairy products to restaurants, but there is also a shop where you can buy fresh dairy products at quite reasonable prices.
You can also buy fresh milk here, but only in 5-liter bottles. Prices are significantly lower than in stores - 90 thousand rupees for 5 liters. Milk needs to be ordered separately; it is brought from Java 2-3 times a week, some milk is left for those who ordered it, and the rest goes for processing.
Also sold here are about 15 types of cheese, cottage cheese, yogurts, whey drinks, and even glazed cheese. 

Indomaret, Alfamart, K Circle

These are chain of small "neighborhood" format stores. You can mainly buy snacks and the most basic food: eggs, toast bread, long-life milk. As well as instant noodles, sweets, beer.
The main feature of the K Circle chain is that they operate 24/7, and you can even buy hard alcohol there at night. There is no alcohol in Indomaret.

But in this chain, there are Fresh format stores where there is a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, and there are also coffee shops with 3 - 4 tables where you can buy fresh pastries.
Approximate prices:
- Milk 2.5% 1 liter - 20 thousand (long-life)
- Eggs - 22 thousand.
- Bread and rolls - from 10 thousand.

Coco Mart Uluwatu

This is a mid-priced segment store chain that tries to balance between two target audiences - these stores are more spacious than Alfamart or Indomaret, and prices in them are the same.
Before the pandemic, stores in this chain were rapidly developing, but due to the not very clear concept during the lockdown almost closed down, and the assortment became very scarce. At the present time (early 2024), the chainis gradually recovering, but the assortment remains quite limited.
Coco Mart stores are located in all areas of Bukit. For example, in Jimbaran, Puri Gading, Uluwatu.
They sell fruits, vegetables, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as hygiene products, basic cosmetics, and small souvenirs like sunglasses, hairpins, etc.
Approximate prices:
- Bottled water 1.5 liters - 8 thousand.
- Chocolate - from 30 thousand.
- Snacks (chips, nuts) - from 5 thousand.
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