Food markets and stores in Bukit. Where in Bukit can you buy fruits?

Fruit and vegetable markets and stores in Jimbaran, Kedonganan, Pecatu, Ungasan.

Market near the fish market Pasar Ikan Kedonganan - Kedonganan
Located near the famous fish market. If you're approaching the fish market, the fruit and vegetable market will be across the road on the right side.
If you get lost, ask locals for "pasar sayur-sayuran" because it's not that easy to spot. There are several rows of stalls selling vegetables and fruits. You won't find a wide variety here; they sell basic products that local residents buy. You can buy fresh and very tasty coconut shavings. There are also many fruit and vegetable stalls scattered around the fish market. Prices are reasonable, and you can haggle.
Pasar Desa Jimbaran
This is a morning market where you can buy not only fruits and vegetables but also local traditional cooked food. It's not particularly expensive or gourmet, but if you're curious, it's worth trying. In the morning, the whole intersection is occupied by various vendors.
A bit later, the trading continues only in the covered market. Be prepared for the market to look quite unglamorous, and you won't find a huge variety here. This is a local market, and it sells what the local residents can afford.
It's great for immersing yourself in the local culture. Many hotels in Jimbaran bring their curious tourists here for tours of the traditional market. It's best to come as early as possible, before 7:00 AM. At this time, it's active, noisy, and often causes traffic jams at the intersection. But it starts operating at 4:00 AM.
The market at the entrance to Puri Gading - Jimbaran
This market operates not only in the morning but also during the day. It doesn't have an extensive selection, but like any market, you can bargain.
Pasar Ampera
A good local market not far from the Bali Buda store in Jimbaran. They sell basic seasonal vegetables and fruits. Prices are reasonable.
Nirmala Ungasan Supermarket - Ungasan
You can find it on the map.
They offer very good prices for vegetables and fruits. Card payments may sometimes take a while to process. Also, make sure that the price scanned at the cash register matches the price on the product label. Fruits are often confused, and they may have labels from different fruits. Occasionally, you might be overcharged at the cash register, with an extra zero added to the total.
Nirmala Supermarket Uluwatu 2
You can find it on the map.
This is one of the oldest Nirmala stores. You can sense this in the overall untidiness and visible defects in the interior. Fruits and vegetables are not always fresh - be sure to check this carefully. Storage conditions are not always adhered to. The selection of products is not very extensive. The staff is not very attentive, and you often need to look for employees to weigh something. There is a construction store to the right of the entrance.
Nirmala Plaza Supermarket (Nirmala Campus or Nirmala Plaza)
You can find it on the map.
Convenient for those who live near the university campus. Also, there's a huge hardware store to the left of this supermarket. It's cheaper than Pepito. They have fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The staff is attentive enough, ensuring that you don't buy spoiled fruits. If something is amiss, they notice it during weighing and replace it.
There's convenient parking. On the second floor, there's a store with stationery and souvenirs, although the souvenirs are not very impressive. At the entrance, there's a key-making workshop.
Nirmala Pecatu Supermarket
You can find it on the map.
Convenient for those living in Pecatu, Uluwatu, and the entire southern remote part of Bukit. There's a decent selection of vegetables and fruits, although the prices are higher than at the local market. The staff is a bit slow. Visitors do not recommend buying eggs there.
Pepito Udayana Supermarket
European level and service, higher-quality products, including organic options, but prices are above average. It's a rather expensive store targeted at tourists and expatriates. They have a good variety of products, and you can find items that may not be available at Nirmala.
Located at the entrance to Jimbaran, not far from the McDonald's – KFC intersection. It has a convenient location, and there are cozy benches near the entrance where you can sit. Like all Pepito stores, prices are above average. Pepito is a good choice if you have higher demands for products and are looking for specific items like granola or yogurt; you're more likely to find them at Pepito.
Pepito Uluwatu Supermarket
You can find it on the map
Convenient for those living in the upper Uluwatu area or in Puri Gading. Visitors complain about the slow staff. Sometimes the chicken and beef are not of very good quality. They have very good fruits and vegetables and a good selection of baked goods. The range of products is well-suited for European shoppers, with many European products available. There's a pharmacy nearby and a very pleasant cafe.
Coco Mart Uluwatu
Coco Mart is a large chain of not very large supermarkets. The selection of products and fruits here is not very extensive, but they are convenient because during normal times, outside of epidemics, they stay open until very late. One of the larger and more convenient ones is located on Uluwatu Street, right in front of the entrance to Puri Gading.
Other stores in the Coco Mart network:
A good supermarket located within the Samasta shopping center. It's similar to Pepito, although prices on some items are definitely more pleasant.
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