Events, facts, activities
Obtaining and renewing visas, relocation to Bali, all visa issues
Buy/sell, private services. Training, assistance.
How to get to Indonesia and how to travel within the country and to Bali. All modes of transport: sea, air, buses, trains, hitchhiking.
Advice on restaurants and warungs.
How to set up a business in Bali, Indonesian law and taxation. What kind of business to run. Where to invest in Indonesia and Bali
Beauty, shopping, cosmetics and other ladies' activities.
All about security in Bali. How to stay safe from theft and robbery. Tips and news about crime. Safety in the ocean.
Local diseases, where and how to get treatment, reviews of hospitals, clinics and doctors. All about insurance. Advice on medicines.
Bali and Indonesian births, parenting, baby food, what to do with children in Bali. Schools and kindergartens in Bali.
Currencies, banks, accounts, transfers, credit cards. Opening a bank account. Questions about ATMs etc.
Looking for people flying to Bali to pass on their things. Looking for fellow travellers to Bali - more fun together! Also meet and get to know each other in Bali!
Renting, buying motorbikes and cars. Vehicle maintenance. Local traffic regulations. Driving license. Accidents and police.
Been to Bali? Share your impressions and feedback! Tell us what you did and where you went! Trip reports. Interviews with interesting people from Bali.
Buying and selling land, villas. Construction of houses and villas in Bali.
Villas, rooms, houses, ghettos. Bids and offers. Reviews.
Bali hotels, hotel reviews, best family hotels. The chicest hotels in Bali.
Residential issues: home improvement, renovation, building materials, gardeners, swimming pools
Surfing schools in Bali, surfing techniques, questions about spots, boards, wave conditions, tides.
Training, dive centres, dive spots. Freediving.
Sports, fitness, hobbies, tattoos. Our animals.
Buying and selling appliances and devices in Indonesia and Bali. Operation and service, cellular phone service, internet access
Offering services for photographers and videographers in Bali. Book photo shoots in Bali. Filming in Bali.
What to visit besides Bali. Other islands: Java, Lombok, and others. Neighboring countries.
Verified English, Spanish, Germany and etc speaking guides in Bali. Reviews of the guides. Bali travel guides search. Bali guides directory.
A discussion of everything that didn't make it into the other sections. Anything out of the ordinary and interesting! Any questions you have!


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