Food markets and stores in Berawa and Canggu. Where in Canggu to buy fruits?

Semat Market (Pasar Semat) or Berawa Market (Pasar Berawa)
This is one of the largest markets in the area and is conveniently located right in the middle of Berawa Street. There's a fairly wide selection of fruits here, and you can buy young coconuts for 10,000 rupiahs. It operates in the morning and during the day, but if you come around lunchtime, you might catch the siesta when a large portion of the vendors is resting.
It's a typical traditional market. Avoid walking past the meat sections unless necessary; there's a quite specific smell. They sell meat and fish, but it's stored in the open air, not in refrigerators.
Toko Azka Karya Buah 2
A small fruit stall on the corner of Raya Canggu and Babakan. Usually, they have quality and fresh fruits. The stall is open all day.
Toko Azka Karya Buah
A large fruit stall in Pererenan.
Fruit stall near Semat Sari Market
A fruit stall in Berawa. It stays open until late. During the durian season, they sell durians.
Toko Buah Al Hikmah
A small fruit stall on Raya Canggu, halfway between Berawa and Canggu.
Guna N Buah
A large, good-quality fruit stall on Raya Canggu Street.
Toko Abid Karya Buah Fresh 1
A large fruit stall in Mungu.
Pasar Pengosari
Very conveniently located, practically at the entrance to Canggu from Kerobokan.
It's best to come in the morning around 9-10. Vegetable prices range from 15 to 35 per kilogram. They have everything – beets, lemons, mushrooms, zucchinis. The only thing missing is fresh greens; you can find those in supermarkets.
Canggu is a district known for its active yoga and healthy eating scene, often referred to as a hipster area. There are weekend markets in this area. The items there are more expensive compared to traditional markets, but they often sell organic vegetables and fruits.
Samadi Sunday Market
Many people gather there. You can confidently come with children; they can walk around and do some drawing. There's also a nice cafe with vegetarian food. If you arrive around noon, you might miss some of the fun that happens there in the morning and not find as many vendors.
They sell everything there, from jewelry to various foods, vegetables, and fruits. Prices are quite high.
More about the farmer's market near the Samadi studio:
It operates from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Market on Jl. Batu Bolong
There is another fruit and vegetable market on Batu Bolong Street. It is very small and operates in the morning. After around 10 - 11 AM, there are relatively few sellers, but across the road from the market, there's a fruit shop that operates almost all day. You can buy small bananas very cheaply – around 5,000 rupiahs per bunch.
Here are some price examples at this market as of January 2018:
- Avocado (15,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Small pineapple (5,000 rupiahs/piece)
- Orange (14,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Watermelon (7,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Raja bananas (15,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Ya Lie pears (17,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Small Gedang mangoes (10,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Mandarin (25,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Mangosteen (20,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Rambutan (15,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Gula Pasir salak (20,000 rupiahs/kg), Nangka salak (10,000 rupiahs/kg)
- Small green apples (12,000 rupiahs/kg), red apples (35,000 rupiahs/kg), light green apples (20,000 rupiahs/kg), pink apples (14,000 rupiahs/kg).
Pepito Raya Canggu
And, of course, Pepito supermarkets, which are open from early morning until late at night, consistently delight us with fresh and diverse fruits and vegetables.
Conveniently located on the central street of Canggu. There is a very wide selection of vegetables and fruits. You can even find beets, not to mention the most basic fruits and vegetables. There is a good selection of fresh greens available by weight. Many salad options.
A decent supermarket with a good selection of greens and fruits. Prices are much higher than in other grocery stores for the same products. A good selection of tea and coffee. Good service, store employees are always ready to help you.
There is always a traffic officer near the road who stops the flow of cars if you need to enter or exit. This is important because this place often has heavy traffic, and the road is quite steep, which increases the risk of accidents.
Pepito Batu Bolong
It offers the same excellent range of products that the Pepito chain is known for. Fresh and quality vegetables and fruits, tasty baked goods, frozen products, meat, and cheeses. Prices are high, but the selection is very good.
Pepito Pererenan
Located to the northwest of Canggu. It has the same high prices as other Pepito stores but offers a good selection of products, including imported items and fresh, quality produce, including fruits and vegetables.
Popular Deli
A store from the same chain as Pepito but under a different name. They offer meat, fish, and a wide selection of imported products.
Frestive Berawa
A good alternative to Pepito is located in Berawa. They have a good selection of simple snacks like sushi, sandwiches, and salads. They also sell smoothies. Prices for fruits and vegetables are reasonable. They have a good meat department.
Frestive Batubolong
Located on Batubolong Street, right across from Pepito. If you couldn't find something in Pepito, you'll probably find it here. 
Canggu Station
A small shop in Berawa, not far from Finns Recreation Club. They have good meat, a good selection of cheeses, and reasonable prices. Recommended items include freshly baked bread, meat cuts, and fish steaks.
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