Sunday food market near Samadi Studio

Samadi Sunday Market in Canggu
In Canggu, there is a so-called farmer's market on Sundays. It runs from 9:00 in the morning until 14:00 and is located here.
Many people gather there. You can confidently come with children; they can walk around and draw. There's also a nice café with vegetarian food.
We arrived around 12 o'clock and didn't see a large number of vendors. There were only a couple of stalls, so perhaps it's more interesting if you come earlier.
They sell everything there, from jewelry to various foods, vegetables, and fruits.
Prices, in my opinion, are slightly inflated.
Overall, if you live far away (we came from Bukit) and aren't particularly into the yoga and organic food scene, it might not be worth the trip.
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