Yoga studios in Bali. Where in Bali can I practice yoga?

Many people come to Bali for yoga. This island is indeed very suitable for spiritual practices – with its wonderful climate, the ability to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, and being close to nature and the ocean – all of this greatly helps in setting the right mindset and experiencing results not only on a physical but also on a mental level. It can help you become a calmer, more mindful, and happier person.
Moreover, yoga studios in Bali offer a vast range of practices – from hot Bikram yoga (intense, suitable for the strong and prepared) to serene sunset yoga and other practices like ecstatic dance, meditation, and more.
Most yoga studios are incredibly comfortable and beautiful, the kind of places you'd want to visit even if you've never tried yoga before. So, we highly recommend trying yoga in Bali at least once!


Desa Yogi
The yoga studio in the Iyengar tradition is one of the few on Bali. There won't be a picturesque view from this studio; it's an austere building by the road. Its location is very convenient (300 meters from Nirmala Ungasan). The studio is well-equipped with props for Iyengar yoga, and the teaching quality is good (according to reviews).
In this studio, there is one hall, and classes are taught by three foreign instructors. The senior instructor is Katie Cook, who began practicing Iyengar yoga in California over 20 years ago. She lived and taught in Hong Kong for a long time and has been on Bali since 2008, dedicated to the development of Iyengar yoga on the island.
The cost of a single session is 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
The cost of a 5-class pass is 650,000 Indonesian Rupiah, and for a 10-class pass, it's 1,250,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

Yin Side Yoga
A very cozy yoga studio with one (but very stylish) hall in Bingin. It primarily specializes in yoga instructor courses, but regular classes are occasionally held as well. There are plenty of charming cafes nearby where you can have breakfast after your session.
The studio is owned by Hayley Winn from England, who spent a long time on Bali only during the winter until she decided to stay on the island and start her own yoga and yoga tour business. In this studio, they practice Yin Yoga, a tranquil and slow-paced yoga style suitable even for those who have never practiced yoga before.


You should visit here, even if you don't practice yoga. It's a very beautiful place on a cliff with a magnificent view of the ocean. There is a high-end resort here as well as a spa with a hamam, infrared sauna, pools, and a restaurant. At the entrance, they will ask you to surrender your phone - you can refuse, but then you'll have to keep it in your bag, and you won't be able to take videos (which is a shame).
Regular morning and evening yoga classes are held in this place. The cost of a session is 200-250 thousand Indonesian Rupiah. We recommend getting the yoga + spa package for 350 thousand Indonesian Rupiah and attending the practice at sunset. The view is breathtaking, and after yoga, you can enjoy the hamam and tea by the campfire, providing relaxation for both body and soul.
The ISTANA yoga studio has one hall where practices in 12 different yoga styles, from vinyasa to karma yoga and sound healing, take place. There are 11 foreign instructors working in the studio, and you can choose a class suitable for any level of experience.
Bookings can be made on their website.

Yoga Searcher
An eco-hotel with spacious and cozy bungalows along the pool and a yoga shala, which includes a practice hall and a spa. The yoga shala hosts daily practices four times a day, led by three instructors, both Indonesian and foreign. All instructors speak English fluently, and classes typically have 5 - 7 students.
You can also rent the yoga shala for 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah per person in case you want to have a yoga-themed photoshoot or practice privately with your own instructor.
The cost of a single session is 120,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
A 4-class pass is 450,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
A 10-class pass is 850,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
Additionally, there is a vegetarian café where you can spend time before or after your sessions. One downside is its remote location. It's convenient primarily for those living in Bingin closer to the Uluwatu temple.

The Yoga Rescue
This yoga studio with a single hall is located near GWK Park. Classes are held every day except Sundays. The cost of a single session is 75,000 Indonesian Rupiah, and memberships range from 300,000 to 990,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
The studio has 15 instructors, both foreigners and Indonesians. Additionally, they offer extra practices like tarot, sound healing, and massages.
Classes are divided into three difficulty levels - for beginners, intermediates, and experienced yogis. You can find the right level of class on their website.


Surf and Yoga Bali
Surf hotel with its own yoga shala, where regular classes are held twice a day - morning flow and evening gentle yin yoga class.
The cost of a single session is 120,000 rupees.
A three-session pass is 300,000 rupees.
In this place, you can organize a surf camp or a group yoga tour, but you can also simply come alone, attend yoga classes, and take individual surfing lessons.

Jiwa Yoga

A yoga and Pilates studio with regular classes in Kerobokan. The schedule primarily includes "hot" classes - hot pilates, hot vinyasa, and hot yoga, as well as Ashtanga yoga.
The studio has one room, and classes are taught by 10 instructors. Yoga retreats are also held here, and you can choose to pay for a program with accommodation or attend classes only.
The cost of a single session is 150,000 rupees.
A 3-session pass is 300,000 rupees.
A 7-session pass is 600,000 rupees.


Power Of Now Oasis
One of the few yoga studios in Sanur that has been operating for over 10 years. Its owner, Chris Sampson, has over 30 years of experience in yoga and qigong practice. In 2010, after many years of traveling, he decided to settle in Bali and open a yoga studio.
Now, this space offers not only group classes in Hatha yoga, qigong, yoga for pregnant women, Yin yoga, and many other styles but also hosts an Ayurvedic doctor, art therapist, acupuncture master, and Balinese healer.
In total, the center has more than 15 yoga and wellness specialists. There are three yoga sessions held each day: two in the morning and one in the evening.
The cost of a single session is 120,000 rubles. A 5-session pass costs 550,000 rupees, and a 10-session pass costs 1 million rupees.

Changgu and Pererenan

A yoga retreat in Changgu with an extensive schedule of regular classes. Classes take place simultaneously in four studios, and there are also practices by the ocean at the La Brisa Beach Club. These classes are suitable for all levels of experience.
The main focus of this yoga studio is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, offering both Mysore-style classes and LED classes. For those less familiar with this yoga tradition, there are classes in other styles such as creative vinyasa, vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, and sound healing.
Both group classes and private sessions with instructors are available. The studio has 26 instructors who can tailor a program to any level.
The cost of a single session is 140,000 rupees.
The cost of a 6-session pass is 700,000 rupees.
The cost of a 12-session pass is 1.3 million rupees.

The Practice
A very beautiful yoga space where both regular classes and teacher training courses are conducted. Every day, there are many practices of various styles held here.
The classes are led by 7 instructors, including foreigners and Indonesians. Additionally, the studio is taught by its owners, the husband and wife duo Octavio and Emma Salvado.
The cost of a single session for everyone is 150,000 rupees. There are discounts for kitas holders, priced at 110,000 rupees.
The cost of a 5-session pass for everyone is 690,000 rupees.
The cost of a 10-session pass for everyone is 1.35 million rupees.

The Canggu Studio

This is not a specialized yoga studio but a fitness center where, in addition to dance, boxing, Muay Thai, and even Indonesian language classes, yoga classes are also held.
It might be an advantage for some that you can attend various classes under one membership, and you can even go together with a companion, even if they don't share an interest in yoga. Classes are held every day, except on Sundays, continuously from 7-8 in the morning until 5-6 in the evening (until 1 PM on Saturdays).
The cost of a single session is 140,000 rupees. There are special prices for kitas holders, priced at 110,000 rupees.
The cost of a 5-session pass is 650,000 rupees.
The cost of a 10-session pass is 1.2 million rupees.

Radiantly Alive Canggu
This yoga studio has branches in Changgu and Ubud, as well as online classes.
It's a beautiful studio with a good view and a variety of classes suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.
This is a highly popular studio that has been operating in Bali since 2012. Its owners are a couple, Jasmine and Rafael. There are over 40 instructors from around the world conducting classes and workshops here. They offer full retreats and online classes as well.
Within this space, you can attend classes on Ayurveda, meditation, breathwork, and open lectures.
The cost of a single session is 150,000 rupees.
The cost of a 5-session pass is 650,000 rupees.
The cost of a 10-session pass is 1.2 million rupees.

Udara Bali
A yoga space in Pererenan with a stunning view of rice fields and the ocean. They offer yoga classes as well as other activities like ecstatic dance and open lectures.
We recommend it as a weekend retreat destination - start with morning ecstatic dance, have a beautiful breakfast, and then indulge in a massage, yoga practice, or a breathwork session.
The cost of a single session is 130,000 rupees. For kitas holders, it's 80,000 rupees.
The cost of a 6-session pass is 660,000 rupees.
The cost of a 12-session pass is 1.2 million rupees.


The Yoga Barn
One of the most popular and largest yoga centers in Ubud. They offer regular classes as well as online sessions and yoga teacher training programs. Additionally, you can arrange residential retreats here, visit a vegetarian café, and become part of a thriving community.
Over 40 instructors from the USA, India, Indonesia, England, Mexico, and other countries conduct classes, almost continuously, from 5:30 in the morning until 8-9 in the evening.
We recommend it to anyone interested in yoga.
The cost of a single session starts from 150,000 rupees.

Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center
A very beautiful yoga center with a convenient location right in the heart of Ubud, close to cafes, shops, and attractions. They offer daily classes for all levels, as well as teacher training courses, workshops, and lectures.
This space also hosts gong meditations led by experienced guides. If you've come to Bali to find inner peace and immerse yourself in practice, we highly recommend attending this class.
Alchemy Studio has 16 instructors, almost all of whom are experienced foreigners. You can attend individual sessions, sign up for a retreat, or take a 200-hour teacher training course.
The cost of a single session is 150,000 rupees.

Pyramids of Chi

A very beautiful and authentic place not far from the center of Ubud. Here, you'll find three pyramid-shaped practice spaces, as well as a shop, restaurant, and spa. The pyramid spaces host spiritual practices and gong meditations. They use not only gongs but also drums and didgeridoos.
The center has been operating since 2013 and was built by the masters of gong meditation, the husband and wife duo Peter and Lynn McIntosh. Within the center's premises are two pyramid-shaped halls with excellent acoustics, where they conduct breathwork practices, sound meditations, and Kundalini yoga.
This place positions itself as a healing center that combines the energy of pyramids, people, and sound. Various musical ceremonies, dances, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and much more take place here.
The cost of a single visit starts from 200,000 rupees.

Ubud Yoga Centre
A yoga studio, cafe, and shop all in one place with a beautiful view. The glass-walled studio extends right over the canyon, so during your sessions, you'll experience not only physical but also visual delight!
The history of this studio began in 2004 when the first Bikram yoga studio opened in Jakarta. Now it's a small network of yoga schools located in Jakarta, Ubud, and Changgu.
The studio offers a wide range of yoga styles, including yoga for children, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, and sound meditation. They also have aerial yoga, a gentle practice suitable for beginners and pregnant women.
The cost of a single session is 140,000 rupees.
The cost of a 5-session pass is 599,000 rupees.
The cost of a 10-session pass is 1.1 million rupees.
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