Type of place
Seafood cuisine with a Japanese touch
Paying special attention to sustainability, Seasalt sources wild-caught seafood from the waters around Indonesia and collaborates with a local social enterprise that supplies high-quality seafood caught sustainably. The dishes are seasoned with traditional organic Kusamba sea salt from eastern Bali, where a small community of salt farmers continues the centuries-old tradition of producing 100% natural salt through sun and wind evaporation.
Sustainable cocktails inspired by the ocean
Seasalt aims to implement the concept of sustainable, zero-waste production at the bar, reusing, fermenting, recycling, and repurposing ingredients that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Fruit juices, peels, and pits saved from being thrown away are transformed into exciting cocktails inspired by the ocean.
Minimizing plastic use and localizing production has been our priority since day one. We reject disposable packaging and containers in rooms and restaurants, opting for eco-friendly alternatives.