Cheap guesthouses in Candidasa

The description of Candidasa
Dear readers! Remember that the price for accommodation when booking depends on seasonal variations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, personal discounts in booking systems, and many other factors.
If you're going to be looking for long-term accommodation in a gesta, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, live there, experience the pros and cons, and ask the owner for a long-term stay discount. If you talk directly to the owner of the guesthouse, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.
If you have any new information on the guesthouses mentioned in this article or any other good deals, please share your findings.
Pros: Villa in a quiet location. Minimal industrial noise, maximum wildlife. A welcome fruit platter and a delicious breakfast. There is a mini bar! A great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Dinner can be ordered.
Cons: Hard beds and in winter it's a bit cold under the thin covers. No hot water. Monotonous breakfasts. At 4 am rooster shrieks right next to the door of the room, so that to go to bed late and sleep will not get not once. Very cold at night! NO wi-fi. Cleaning is rarely done. There are no good stores nearby.
Pros: The guesthouse is cheap. There is a refrigerator there. Doors to the hotel will close after 21-00 - take this into account and ask for a key in advance, or you will be woken up and knocked on the door for a long time. Own bakery at the hotel, you can always enjoy fresh delicious pastries. The room is spacious, air conditioning worked properly
Cons: The neighborhood itself is more expensive than other areas of Bali. the hotel is not very clean, cold water, only Cold water!!!!
There were ants in the room. old furniture, textiles are sometimes thrashing. There is not enough light in the room because of darkened windows, the light bulb in the room burns very dimly, there is a little bit of smell of disrepair or dampness and all this does not give the feeling of comfort in the room. There were no pillowcases on the pillows, I had to put my things on top and sleep like that. There is no hot water in the shower
Pros: Overall, the hotel is decent. White clean linens and it was so-so. The lodge has a very comfortable veranda with a fan. The bathroom, it is simple and not new. But it is clean, there is hot water and good water pressure, that is enough for me. Breakfast is not bad. Pancake with banana or omelet with choice, some fruit, tea/coffee and Freshjus. The grounds are nice and there is a clean pool. The restaurant cooks well and the prices are low.
The hotel is set back from the road, you can't hear the cars. Very nice garden, large grounds. Clean spacious room. Interior is made with taste. Very comfortable large terrace. Price/quality ratio is absolutely adequate.
Cons: The air conditioner is right in front of the bed. Adjoining rooms have a door between rooms, and if the neighbors are loud it could be a problem.
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