How to find accommodation in Bali. Instruction

Camaya Bali Hotel
The ways to find accommodation in Bali depend on several factors:
  1. Budget: Your budget will determine what type of accommodation you can afford. The island offers a variety of options, ranging from budget hostels and guesthouses to luxurious villas and resorts.
  2. Length of Stay: If you are planning a short vacation or visiting the island for a couple of weeks, hotels or guesthouses might be suitable. For long-term stays, you might consider renting a villa or apartment.
  3. Independent Search: If you are willing to search for accommodation on your own, you can use online booking platforms such as, Airbnb, or specialized Bali rental websites. You can also approach local real estate agents for assistance.
Types of accommodation in Bali include:
  • Resorts: These are luxurious complexes with extensive facilities, restaurants, and pools, often located by the beach.
  • Hotels: Standard accommodations with varying levels of comfort and pricing. They can be either resort-style or city-based.
  • Villas: Private houses with amenities like a pool. Ideal for larger groups and long-term stays.
  • Guesthouses / Homestays: Traditional Balinese homes where you can rent a room. These are budget-friendly options.
  • Hostels: Suitable for budget travelers, usually offering shared rooms and facilities.
  • Co-living Spaces: A relatively new concept that combines accommodation with co-working spaces. It can be an interesting choice for digital nomads.
Sometimes there are combinations of these types of housing when the resort has villas on its territory, or when the guesthouse has beds for those who need a hostel.
Apartments in Bali are very rare.

For how long are you looking for housing?

With such a short stay, you wouldn't want to spend your vacation time searching for accommodation. Moreover, when renting a hotel, villa, or guesthouse for such a brief period, you won't be eligible for significant discounts that you might receive for monthly rentals.
It's better to contact a reputable housing agency in advance rather than spend your short vacation dealing with these matters. This way, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable trip without the hassle of last-minute accommodation searches.
Ritz Carlton 5 star hotel in Nusa Dua
To begin with, you should decide on the specific region of the island that suits your preferences. You can find brief descriptions of different areas here.
There is no one-size-fits-all "perfect" or "best" area in Bali; it depends on your individual preferences.
Typically, affluent tourists choose from the following regions: Bukit (Nusa Dua) for family and romantic getaways, the western, central, and southern parts of the Bukit Peninsula (areas like Jimbaran, Ungasan, and Pecatu) for upscale villa vacations, Ubud for a spiritual retreat with views of forests and rice fields, and Seminyak for a lively vacation with parties at clubs, upscale dining, and boutique shopping.
Samabe Hotel in Nusa Dua
Decide whether you need a hotel or a villa. Choose a hotel if you are traveling with a small group (alone, as a couple, or with your family), you want top-notch service, and you are not willing to share common spaces with other guests. Many five-star hotels offer amenities like restaurants, spas, fitness centers, kids' clubs, beaches, and many other useful and enjoyable services. Villas may also have similar amenities, but the chances of finding all of them are generally lower.
design hotel "in tents" Capella Ubud
The hotel can be selected on the website . Choose:
- the area you are interested in
- your dates
- number of stars
- set a user rating not lower than 9.0, but better above 9.5
and see what the system has offered you.
Four Seasons Hotel in Ubud
Make sure to pay attention to reviews from previous guests, especially the negative ones.
After all, there is no such thing as a perfect hotel, and you need to find out what shortcomings previous guests didn't like. It's important that there are plenty of reviews for the hotel, at least 20-30. This will indicate that the hotel has already built a reputation, and there are enough reviews to form an opinion about it.
Use the website. It's a good system with excellent customer support. If any problems arise, the support team will assist you. includes government taxes and service charges in the price that is presented to you when making a reservation, right in the list of accommodation options.
Villa in The Edge complex in Printu (Bukit Peninsula)
You should choose a villa if:
  1. You are traveling with a large family and need multiple rooms.
  2. You are traveling with a group of friends and are willing to share common spaces.
  3. You are on a romantic trip and are looking for a one-bedroom villa with a private pool for a secluded getaway.
There is an opinion that villas offer lower levels of service compared to hotels because they have fewer staff and amenities. This is not entirely true.
Viceroy Villa complex in Ubud
If you choose a villa within a hotel, you will receive service comparable to that of a hotel. Additionally, there are independent standalone villas with a dedicated team of staff and high-quality service that is tailored exclusively to you, as you and your group will be the only guests at the villa.
Hanging Gardens Hotel and Villa complex in Bali
Most villas have 2 or 3 bedrooms. In some hotels, there are villas with 1 bedroom designed for honeymooners. Occasionally, multiple 2-3 bedroom villas are built together to accommodate larger groups, allowing friends or family to stay close to each other by combining the villas.
1. Booking
villa in the Ayana complex in Jimbaran
2. Agency
To find an independent villa, it is recommended to contact a reputable agency. The agent will ask you several questions to understand which villa best suits your parameters:
  • Dates of your visit
  • Price range
  • Preferred area
  • Number of rooms
  • Style of vacation
  • Service requests
Good agents keep track of their villa database and can quickly determine which property will suit you best and make your stay comfortable. Don't hesitate to provide the agent with additional information about the type of accommodation you are interested in. This will help them find the most suitable villa for you.
Rama Residence Padma Hotel in Legian
We can recommend using the website again to search for a hotel or villa that suits your requirements.
If you have a moderate budget, consider choosing areas where you can find excellent accommodation at more reasonable prices. This way, you can afford both a villa and a hotel, and possibly even a resort.
For example, if the prices in Nusa Dua are high for you, opt for a hotel in Benoa, but not on the first line, with a transfer to the beach, or in the Tanjung Benoa area to the north of Nusa Dua.
Sanur is a good option for families with children. The sand here may not be as perfect as in Nusa Dua, but the sea is calm, without waves, and you can find comfortable hotels at more moderate prices.
Sudamala Hotel in Sanur
If you'd like to immerse yourself in the party atmosphere but find Seminyak expensive, consider choosing accommodation to the south of Seminyak in the Legian area or to the north in the Kerobokan area. Kuta can be quite noisy, so opt for Kuta only if you truly enjoy the Asian chaos and vibrancy.
White Palm Hotel in Jimbaran on Bukit
The areas on the Bukit Peninsula, such as Jimbaran, Pecatu, and Ungasan, are also good options. They are known for their beautiful landscapes, although most infrastructure facilities are far apart, so you'll need transportation.
Pink Coco Hotel in Print on Bukit
  отель Римба в Джимбаране  
Ubud offers many good options for all budgets. You can find a hotel with an infinity pool and a view of the fields at a fairly low price. However, remember that the beaches are far from Ubud. Don't choose a hotel in Ubud if you plan to spend your vacation at the beach, otherwise, you'll have to spend your holiday by the pool at the beach club, which, by the way, is not so bad either.
Taman Amarta Hotel in Ubud  
Changu will appeal to hipsters and Instagrammers. There are very few five-star hotels here, the area is democratic, but remember that the beaches in Changu have dark gray sand and waves for surfing. There won't be calm and relaxed swimming in Changu.
Don't be disappointed if your budget isn't enough for a five-star hotel. Bali has many excellent hotels with four or three stars. And if you choose a less "luxurious" area, you can expect very interesting hotel options that may stand out with their service, unique design, or additional amenities.
Sol House Melia Hotel in Legiana
Nau Villas complex in Ubud
Great news! In Bali, you can find villas at reasonable prices. Perhaps they will not be as luxurious, cleaning will be less frequent and breakfast will be more modest. Maybe they will be further from the beach and you will need to get to the beach by car or bike, but you will be able to get a private place for yourself, your family or friends.
1. Booking
villas chahaya ubud
If you want to find a hotel for the duration of your vacation, can help you with that as well. If you search in areas that are not too expensive, such as Seminyak or Nusa Dua, will offer you hotels at moderate prices.
Bali Paradise Heritage Villa in Jimbaran
ubud Tropical Paradise Villa in Ubud
Another good option for finding a villa for your vacation is Airbnb. This website features villas from private owners, and they vary widely in terms of comfort and the level of service. There is no hotel star rating system to help you assess the quality of a villa, but there are user ratings and reviews.
Villa Disana in Ameda
Therefore, it is advisable to choose villas from owners with the "superhost" badge, pay more attention to villas with good reviews, and read reviews from previous guests. Carefully study the location of the villa to ensure it aligns with your expectations.
In your case, you may need to focus on guesthouses and homestays. Guesthouses are generally recommended more because they offer a higher quality of accommodation and are closer to hotels than homestays. Guesthouses typically have layouts designed with tourists in mind.
The quality of guesthouses can vary widely. If you choose a very cheap one, it may come with a very small room, not very bright windows (fortunately, almost no accommodations in Bali have rooms with no windows at all), slow and unreliable internet, a basic breakfast (or it may not be included), and a fan instead of air conditioning.
Bali asli guesthouse in Ubud
If it's a high-class guesthouse, it will typically offer amenities like air conditioning, hot water, good Wi-Fi internet, fresh furniture, and there might even be a swimming pool. When renting on a daily basis, breakfast is usually included in the price.
homestead tara House in Ubud
Homestays are essentially rooms in a local's house that they set aside for guests. The advantage of a homestay can be that you're essentially living in a local Balinese's home, on their personal property, so there probably won't be noisy parties or rowdy neighbors.
Budget guesthouses and homestays can be found in almost any area. However, the more expensive the area, the farther your guesthouse will likely be from the beach (if we're talking about coastal areas) or from the center of the district (if we're talking about Ubud, for example).
The most expensive areas where finding a cheap guesthouse will be very difficult are Nusa Dua and Seminyak. Middle-range options are Sanur, Legian, and Kerobokan. It will be easier to find budget guesthouses in Kuta, on the Bukit Peninsula (South Kuta), in Canggu, and in Ubud.
- Booking
uma guesthouse in Changu
Mahamustika guesthouse in Changu
If you plan to spend a month or more on Bali, it's recommended not to rush into renting accommodation for the entire duration of your stay. Rent a hotel or guesthouse for the first few days (3-5 days) and during that time, look for long-term accommodation. It's essential to view the place in person before making any long-term payments.
Of course, the methods of searching for accommodation will vary depending on your budget range.
If you have a large budget, it's advisable to rent a villa. If you have high expectations and require quality service, you can find a villa with staff who will take care of cleaning the property, cooking for you, and handling some basic household tasks. You can also hire a driver, and the villa's housekeeper or butler can arrange for massage therapists and spa services to come to your villa.
- Agencies
Rainforest Restreat in Ubud
If you rent a villa for a few days on AirBnB from a private owner and you really like it, you can arrange to rent it for a long time with a good discount. It doesn't always work, but it can work.
- Facebook Groups by Bali districts
You can post ads in Facebook groups specific to the areas where you're looking for accommodation. In larger areas, there are often dedicated housing groups, and there are also general housing groups for all of Bali. This can be an effective way to connect with property owners or other individuals looking to rent out their accommodations.
The most popular housing search groups in Bali on Facebook:
Northern Kuta
South Kuta
If you're looking for accommodation in an area that doesn't have its own real estate group, try using a local group that isn't solely focused on real estate. When you post a request in such a group, people may send you good options via private messages. Ask for rental rates, more detailed photos, and information about the location to make an initial selection of options.
When dealing with private individuals who have villas not listed on Booking and Airbnb for long-term rentals, it's essential to conduct thorough checks. For long-term rentals, it's advisable to create a contract that outlines all the crucial terms. Read up on "Tips for Renting Houses in Bali," as it will help you when inspecting the villa.
Here, you have two options: either rent a house without a pool, which will be cheaper than a villa, or choose a nice villa with a pool but share it with someone else.
The advantage of renting a house is that you'll have more autonomy and independence, but there will be fewer amenities and less comfort compared to a villa. The advantage of a villa is the added comfort, but you'll have to share common spaces with other individuals or families and find replacements for departing tenants.
Typically, the main difference between a house and a villa in Bali is that:
  • Villas come with a pool, and usually (but not always!) a garden.
  • Houses may lack both, though sometimes they may have a garden.
  2.2.1 Accommodation in a house or villa
In Bali, there are various options for renting houses. Some houses come fully furnished, while others are rented empty, which is usually cheaper. Typically, houses without furniture are leased for several years. If you plan to stay for about a year and are willing to buy furniture, you can consider renting a house without furniture.
In Bali, there are no furniture or appliance rental services, so you will need to purchase furniture and appliances either new from a store or second-hand through advertisements. The cost of renting houses in Bali varies from $250 per month for a simple one-bedroom house in an inexpensive area to $1200 per month for a decent house with multiple bedrooms.
The question of internet installation, water delivery, electricity payment, and minor repairs is often handled by the tenants themselves. Make sure to clarify in advance which portion of the utility bills you will be responsible for and which will be covered by the owner. Usually, all utility payments are covered by the tenants in long-term rentals, including electricity, gas, and water from the supply system.
Since inexpensive houses or villas are usually rented by private owners, you can try negotiating for a discount. If you do some price research during your housing search, you'll have a better idea of how much housing of your desired class costs in a specific area. There's no guarantee that the owner will agree to a reduction, but it's worth trying.
To avoid misunderstandings, it's essential to have a contract with the house owner that clearly outlines all rental conditions. You can also read an article on "Tips for Renting Houses in Bali" to make sure you pay attention to all key details in a timely manner.
Facebook groups by districts of Bali
Exactly, when searching for a villa in the upscale segment, you can also create ads in local Facebook groups for the areas where you're looking for housing. Some of the popular groups include Canggu Community, Ubud Community, Sanur Community, Seminyak Umalas & Kerobokan Community, Uluwatu Bukit & Jimbaran Community, and others. Be sure to specify your area and budget in the ads to avoid receiving irrelevant offers for villas that are much more expensive than you expect or in locations you're not interested in.
For options from private individuals with villas that are not registered on platforms like Booking or Airbnb, it's essential to conduct thorough checks, especially for long-term rentals. Create a contract that outlines all the important terms and conditions to protect both you and the property owner.
Independent search on the ground
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Этот способ довольно утомительный, затратный по времени, но результативный. Обычно за 2–3 дня можно найти несколько приличных и недорогих вариантов без переплаты посредникам. Плюс в процессе поиска доме можно ознакомиться с районом, что тоже очень полезно для того, чтобы понять, устраивает ли вас в данном месте инфраструктура.
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