Modern hostel. Coliving in Bali

Would you like to live at work? Increasingly, industrious digital nomads are choosing co-living spaces as a way of living. Housing with shared areas for work, meals, relaxation, and communal activities. So far, it sounds a bit like a dormitory, doesn't it? However, one of the main principles of co-living is a professional community where all residents are specialists in the same field.
Here you have a convenient "office" at hand, ready to chat with fellow IT neighbors, and you can save on accommodation by renting a room in a whole villa. But can you really save money living in a professional co-living space? We've compiled a selection of such places in Bali, and as it turns out, the prices are not very pleasant. What does living in co-living spaces include, and is there demand for them in Bali? We'll find out through our review.


Location: Canggu
What they offer: accommodation, free co-working space, communal activities, interest-based communities, relocation programs for individuals to companies, and community membership without accommodation.
Co-living for IT professionals offers the opportunity to become part of a community of experts in their field and avail services across three locations: Bali, Spain, Argentina, and Turkey. To gain entry and become a Mesto client, it's not just about arriving in Bali; it's advisable to plan your visit in advance and submit a request, following which a video call interview is scheduled. The purpose of the video call is to confirm a shared system of values and perspectives, affiliation with the IT professional sphere, and to understand your housing preferences and additional service requirements.
Simultaneously, the community can host up to 20 people, engaging them in various workshops and island excursions on a weekly basis. The schedule of activities and planned events is available for each week.
The accommodation costs range from $1340 to $1840 per month, depending on the type of room chosen. There is a standard room on the first floor, an upgraded room on the second floor in the shared building, and a separate bungalow. The organizational contribution fee for community participation is $49 per month. It is already included in the accommodation cost, providing unlimited access to the co-working space.
Mesto aligns with the conceptual framework of co-living. While it's true that you can find cheaper housing in this area, networking would need to be managed independently.


Location: Pererenan, Canggu
They offer membership for participation in the community worldwide, a workspace with 91 Mbps Wi-Fi, comfortable accommodation in a villa, and 24/7 support from a community manager.
It sounds like a global English-speaking community with co-living spaces worldwide. The six-bedroom villa in Pererenan, Canggu, Bali, appears prestigious. The booking process is hotel-like: you can choose your desired dates and check room availability. There's also an option for corporate accommodation.
The daily accommodation cost starts from $75 (1,123,000 IDR), weekly from $446 (6,680,000 IDR), and monthly from $1557 (23,320,000 IDR). It's recommended to make a reservation about a month and a half before your planned visit.
On site there is a place for relaxation, meditation and massage, and a kitchen is equipped. You can also retire in your room if you are suddenly not in the mood for communication.
Joint events are reported, although there is no schedule on the website. For now, let's take his word for it. We can say that OUTSITE is a luxury English-language co-living space with an appropriate price.


Location: Canggu, Echo Beach
They offer accommodation with 24/7 access to co-working space, airport transfers, group activities such as surfing and yoga, and a separate co-working subscription.
The co-living space is designed in more traditional Balinese motifs, well-maintained, and cozy. It is located in Canggu, within walking distance from Echo Beach.
Would you like to experience island life, try your hand at surfing, and seamlessly blend work with a radiant smile? Dojo is the perfect place for that. There is an option to purchase a coworking membership only. The cost is 1,000,000 IDR for 50 hours or 700,000 IDR for 30 hours.
For those interested in co-living, there are four types of rooms available, ranging from $497 to $553 per week. For example, a room similar to a guesthouse is priced at $497, including access to the coworking space and community membership. A wooden bungalow with a king-size bed and a balcony is priced at $525. A larger bungalow with a bathroom is priced at $553. There is a 10% discount for monthly stays. One notable difference from previous communities is that the coworking space is located not on the residence premises but within a 7-10 minute walk.
Weekly joint events are offered on various themes, ranging from sports and wellness activities to island excursions.
The property includes a relaxation area by the pool, a shared kitchen and a living room.
We think Dojo deserves the name of co-living with its community membership, popular co-working space and housing in a neighborhood with like-minded people.


Location: Ubud, Canggu, Penestanan.
What they offer: accommodation with coworking space or a separate subscription to coworking spaces in three locations. Discounts on yoga studios, cafes, team retreats and island hopping.
The location in Canggu includes a co-living area and a co-working space within a 5-8 minute walk.
The accommodation is located in a shared building with individual rooms resembling a guesthouse. Staying in rooms with a private bathroom, a shared pool, and kitchen will cost $64 per day (959,000 IDR) or $1,500 per month. You can check the availability of rooms for your desired dates on the website.
A coworking subscription can be of two types: a separate office for your team or an open space with a workplace.
Fifty working hours will cost $77 (1,154,000 IDR). Unlimited access for a month is priced at $195 (2,920,000 IDR). When staying in the co-living space, access to the co-working area is included in the accommodation cost.
Outpost in Ubud, the cultural and religious heart of Bali, offers two types of accommodation: a separate room in a shared building or a private bungalow.
Guesthouse rooms in a cozy Balinese style, wooden bungalows and co-working space are located in three different locations.
The cost of a room per night starts from $52 (778,000 IDR), and the monthly cost is $1,362.
Guests have access to all Balinese hospitality traditions, including bi-weekly cleaning, complimentary tea and coffee, assistance from staff with any household matters, and water and towels in the room. All guests receive a 20% discount for visiting the popular Yoga Barn studio. Balinese bungalows are slightly more spacious.
The cost of accommodation in a bungalow, depending on seasonality, is from $72 per day (1,080,000 idr).
Coworking costs $77 (1,154,000 idr) for 50 working hours. Unlimited access for a month costs $195 (2,920,000 idr).
Another Outpost co-living location is in Penestanan. Co-living participants receive a 5% discount on breakfast at the vegan cafe Alchemy and a 15% discount at the popular coffee shop RÜSTERS. Here, accommodation and co-working space are provided under one roof.
There are four types of rooms in the common building: standard, deluxe, superior and pool access. The cost of accommodation per day is from $59 to $73 (884,000 - 1,933,000 idr). Standard room for a month with access to coworking space - $1,370.
If your only interest is access to a coworking space, you can purchase a separate subscription.

Bali Bustle

Location: Kuta
They offer European-style rooms, a gym, co-working facilities, and access to a professional community for 660 euros per month.
It appears to be the most convenient co-living option for industrious digital nomads. The co-living cost includes almost everything necessary for living and working, excluding meals and additional entertainment. The organization also has co-living spaces in Colombia and Thailand.
All amenities are located in one building with a familiar European-style interior, so you won't experience the traditional Balinese atmosphere. However, the location is close to Kuta Beach, where you can learn to surf. Another pleasant feature is the rooftop cafe with views of the surroundings.
The co-living space offers accommodation in three types: a standard room for 660 euros per month, an upgraded room for 840 euros, and a two-room suite for 1140 euros.
Clients also have parking and a gym at their disposal.
Co-living appears to be competitive in terms of both price and quality compared to previous options. Perhaps, it's due to the location—Kuta may have lower accommodation prices compared to Canggu. Nevertheless, staying in a hotel might not provide the authentic feeling of being a true islander.


They offer co-living or co-working options, legal address registration in Bali, dormitory accommodations, and office rentals.
Co-living includes lodging in shared rooms or private rooms. By the way, you can book accommodation for a minimum of seven nights. The cost for a standard room with a large bed or two single beds is 2,926,000 IDR (195 USD) per week.
Accommodation in the dormitory will cost 1,330,000 for seven nights ($89)
Guests have access to a shared kitchen and seating area.
The coworking space is located separately from the residence building. Cost 30,000 idr per hour, five days of access - 650,000 idr. For KITAS owners the cost is lower, can be found on the website.
Apart from shared living space and the availability of a co-working area, it's challenging to categorize Biliq as a true co-living concept. There are no interviews to assess interests aligning with the community, nor are there organized events. It seems more like a guesthouse with a good description and the opportunity to work not far from home and the beach.

Tanaga Coliving 

Location: Seminyak
They offer comfortable new accommodation with co-working facilities, fast WiFi, and a large swimming pool—all within one building.
Without unnecessary extras and community memberships, the building, constructed in 2022, houses 20 rooms designed for comfortable living and working in a modern style.
Accommodation for a week in a standard room will cost 4,245,000 IDR. In the upgraded room, it will be 4,780,000 IDR. The second category of rooms includes a king-size bed, and that's the only difference.
They promise high-speed internet throughout the entire property. The co-working space is located on-site and includes closed meeting rooms.
Otherwise, all conditions are the same as in a good guesthouse. The title of co-living is not justified.

CoWork Paradise

Location: Europe and Bali
What they offer: business retreat.
It's an atypical co-living setup in the form of a retreat surrounded by entrepreneurs and businessmen. This is not a permanent residence with a co-working space. The date of each retreat is announced in advance, and applications for participation are gathered from entrepreneurs worldwide. Such events are organized several times a year in Europe and Bali.
Бusiness retreats in Bali typically last longer than those in Europe, ranging from 2 to 3 weeks. The participation cost in the last event ranged from 3,985 euros to 5,495 euros. To participate, one needs to submit an application in advance and undergo a video interview.
The entire concept is built on an intensive immersion in the business environment with masterminds, acquiring new professional connections, and complete immersion in work.
The organizers take care of the other basic needs, from comfortable accommodation by the ocean to healthy food.

HUB Bali

Location: Legian, Nusa Dua
They offer a modern co-working space with equipment and co-living, office rental, and community membership.
Modern accommodation with co-working is designed to save every precious moment, eliminating the hassle of daily tasks and commuting. The two different locations on the island provide a choice between the tranquil paradise of Nusa Dua and the livelier Legian.
The co-working space, equipped with monitors, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a meeting room, is priced with access options for a day, a week, and a month. The daily pass costs 125,000 IDR, the weekly pass is 600,000 IDR, and the monthly pass is 1,200,000 IDR.
There is an option to rent an office.
The co-living is situated in a hotel, and the cost depends on the seasonality and type of accommodation. You can inquire about it by calling +628111525491 or filling out a request on the website.
Community membership entails 24/7 access to the co-working space at any location. However, there is no mention of shared events or professional training.

Uluwatu coworking

Location: Uluwatu
They offer co-living and co-working services separately, providing high-quality service and airport transfers.
With a modern Balinese style, a relaxation area overlooking the ocean, equipped workspaces, tennis courts, a basketball court, and a gym – it sounds like a dream, even if you're not a gymnast. All these amenities are available for 200,000 IDR per day. 
They offer four types of housing, different in size and content. There is a standard room costing from 925,000 idr per night. A deluxe room costs 1,300,000 per night.
Two-story rooms with a splendid view and the capacity for three people are priced at 1,450,000 IDR.
The co-working space does not include a shared workspace; it only provides closed rooms for making calls and focused work. There is a relaxation area near the pool with tables.
It turns out to be an expensive yet high-quality retreat with various entertainment options and the opportunity to focus on work. It's challenging to categorize it strictly as co-living.

Matra Bali 

Location: Canggu
What they offer: inexpensive co-living with workspace.
Coliving with a three-star rating offers quality accommodation for Canggu lovers at an average price for the area.
Rooms with balconies in a modern Balinese style and 24/7 access to co-working are available.
Matra Bali encompasses several establishments of different types: co-living with co-working, a yoga studio, a surf school, and a separate guesthouse.
Accommodation for a week is priced at 300,000 IDR per night in a deluxe room. For a month, it costs 7,500,000 IDR.
Coworking is a shared space. Reminiscent of a standard Balinese cafe, but less chaotic and with an abundance of sockets for each workplace.
As you can see, everything labeled as coliving has different content, costs, and may not always align with the concept. We recommend planning ahead and submitting accommodation requests a couple of months in advance, especially for places like OUTPOST, DOJO, Bali Bustle, Mesto. In other locations, there is usually a choice of rooms a month before arrival.
Coliving might indeed be the most suitable option for realizing travel ideas and serving as an ideal tool for networking and professional growth.
On the other hand, renting accommodation, purchasing a coworking pass, and obtaining community membership, thereby ensuring yourself excursions and companionship, could be a more cost-effective alternative.
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