Сoworking spaces in Bali

Coworking spaces have become a real salvation for digital nomads and remote workers. For those who are used to teamwork or frequent communication with colleagues.
In a home environment, one often encounters distracting factors. Coworking spaces provide the opportunity to create a working environment specially adapted for concentration and productivity. They offer a professional atmosphere where people can fully immerse themselves in their work.
Another one of the main advantages of coworking is its ability to foster a strong community and promote interaction among people from various professions.
Let's find out in this article what types of workspaces are available in Bali and whether they meet the standards of comfort and a productive work atmosphere.


Bukit Hub

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 24/7
This is an office space with a minimalist interior. The coworking space is small and is closed on Sundays. According to visitor reviews, it's a great place for focused work without distracting bright decorations and excessive noise. There is very little to catch the eye - just walls, tables, chairs, small pictures, and a potted plant.
On the ground floor of the building, there is a café offering snacks and drinks. The space is comfortable with ergonomic chairs and tables, reliable internet, and plenty of power outlets for various devices. It offers 24/7 access, but you need to inform the staff during the day so they can prepare a key card for you to enter at any time.
So far, there are no negative reviews, so this coworking space is definitely worth considering. The pricing is as follows: 150,000 IDR for a single visit, 600,000 IDR for a weekly pass, and 2,000,000 IDR for a monthly pass. If you need a separate room for meetings, that option is available too, at 200,000 IDR per hour or 1,000,000 IDR per day.

Uluwatu Hub (Tempekan Heritage)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 24/7
This is a small coworking space located within a complex that includes a guesthouse and a café. In this area, specifically in Pecatu, it's the only place available for work.
The surroundings are stunning with a lawn, pool, pond, and fountains. The café offers good food with plenty of choices at moderate prices. The staff is attentive and polite, though sometimes a bit slow.
The coworking space itself is a separate small building. Inside, tables with office chairs are arranged along the perimeter. There are also a few open workspace spots at the entrance to the complex. The chairs there are comfortable office chairs, and in the private meeting room, there's a large rectangular table.
The interior is in a Balinese country style with paintings on the walls and artwork, traditionally bright and lively.
Pricing is as follows: 85,000 IDR for a 4-hour pass, and 150,000 IDR for a full day. This includes one complimentary drink of your choice, access to the pool, and water, along with a 10% discount at the café.

Colabo в Jimbaran Hub

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 09:00-22:00, Sun - 09:00-18:00
Jimbaran Hub is a spacious venue that caters to various events and activities, with a substantial coworking space. The vOffice virtual office network, in collaboration with this center, has created high-quality workspaces.
This is the perfect solution for those who like to mix their work time with interesting activities and like-minded social interaction. A vast array of weekly events make Jimbaran Hub feel more like a social club than an office. These events can include yoga sessions, visits to a skatepark, participation in professional events, or even just lunch.
The coworking space itself is designed without unnecessary distractions. It features long tables with individual workstations, office chairs, and multiple power outlets for various devices.
The overall territory adheres to the standards of a well-organized space, with a green lawn, outdoor areas for yoga, traditional Balinese statues, and decorations.
The pricing is as follows: 80,000 IDR for a single-day pass, and there are options for weekly and monthly passes at 600,000 IDR and 1,000,000 IDR, respectively.

BEST Coworking Space

Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00
This multi-floor establishment offers various workspaces and a cafe with a view of Nusa Dua.
The closed, cool space with high ceilings and a communal table is ideal for focused work. There are also more informal work areas with power outlets, suitable for relaxed and unhurried computer-based activities. On the top floor, you can work with a great view of parts of Nusa Dua and the ocean while enjoying a refreshing drink.
With multiple options and zones for workspaces, this location can cater to a wide range of preferences and needs.
One potential issue is that the prices listed on the website and social media may not be up-to-date, so the cost for a day pass could be higher than what's indicated online. Despite this, it seems to be a successful choice for handling work-related matters in an atmosphere conducive to productivity.
The pricing is as follows: 150,000 IDR for a one-day pass and 650,000 IDR for six days.

Uluwatu Coworking

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 24/7
This co-living space with sports facilities and separate workspaces is located in Uluwatu.
You can set up your laptop to work in any place you desire within the premises, whether it's by the pool on the lounge chairs, in the lobby, or in the café area. Wi-Fi is available and functional throughout the entire property. For meetings and private work, there are cool, small rooms with several large work desks.
The facility is open 24/7, and entrance to the premises and the use of all amenities are included in the cost. This includes access to the pool, sports facilities, lobby areas with power outlets, and formal workspaces.
For the closed and air-conditioned rooms, the cost is 100,000 IDR per hour, with a minimum booking of two hours. Weekly access to the work zones around the clock costs 1,000,000 IDR.

The space

Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 07:00 - 23:00
This popular coworking space offers a large, enclosed, and cool environment with a yoga studio on the upper floor.
The place is known for its architecture and interior design, featuring a light color palette with wood accents. The building itself has a semi-circular shape and a wave-like thatched roof, creating a modern structure with Balinese-style elements for comfort and coziness.
Pets are welcome in this coworking space, and many people bring their pets with them.
There are plenty of workspaces available, but during peak times, they can become scarce. The tables come with power outlets for various plug types, and there are different areas to work, including regular desks with chairs, spaces with pillows and coffee tables, chairs behind an interior low wall for those seeking privacy, Skype rooms, a quiet room behind a glass partition, and a private room for meetings.
Recently, they installed a coffee machine, but only water and tea are available for free.
Pricing options include 150,000 IDR for a day pass, 90,000 IDR for a half-day pass (starting from 16:00), 700,000 IDR for 30 hours with three hours in a Skype room, and 1,000,000 IDR for 50 hours, which includes one yoga class, three hours in a Skype room, and a one-time access for a friend.

Coop Coworking Bali

Mon-Sat 08.00 - 22.00
This small coworking space is located on the main street in Uluwatu, close to numerous cafes.
It features a simple and pleasant loft design with comfortable chairs and tables for up to four people. The main area has one air conditioner, which may not always handle very hot days, and it can get a bit stuffy inside. The entire workspace is within one room, and speaking loudly may disturb others. There are two Skype rooms available, although they lack cooling.
Despite its proximity to a busy road with heavy traffic, the inside of the coworking space is calm and quiet, as the windows face the opposite side.
To access the coworking space for a day, including one complimentary drink, the cost is 150,000 IDR. A weekly pass is priced at 750,000 IDR, and a monthly pass at 2,000,000 IDR, which is on the higher end of the price range. Pets are allowed inside when accompanied by their owners.

Suites5 Balangan

Opening hours: Mon-Sat - 09:00 - 17:00
This new, modern coworking space located in the Balangan Beach area has recently opened its doors to visitors.
As of now, there are no reviews available for this place, but its slogan promises to provide a comfortable and cozy workspace for anyone interested. The interior and atmosphere resemble a classic office found in any business center. In fact, the first coworking office in this format was opened in Jakarta.
Inside, there is a common workspace area with desks, a coffee area, and private meeting rooms.
The pricing is as follows: 150,000 IDR for a single visit, which includes 3 hours in a meeting room and beverages. A weekly pass costs 1,300,000 IDR, while a monthly pass is priced at 5,000,000 IDR. It's likely that the network will expand, and the membership may be valid at any location within the Suites5 coworking network.
According to the website and Instagram, the coworking space is open from Monday to Sunday, but currently, it is closed on Sundays.

Alchemy Uluwatu

Opening hours: Mon-Sun - 08:00 - 22:00
Alchemy is an establishment in Uluwatu with a large space and various areas, including a small room that's quite suitable for work. Along with food and different seating areas, Alchemy also has a vegan product store.
This cozy and cool space, with a table along the perimeter and power outlets, can be considered a makeshift coworking spot.
To secure a place, you need to make a reservation in advance. You can contact the administrator via WhatsApp or communicate with them. It's advisable to make the reservation at least one day before your planned visit.
However, please note that there are no separate private rooms for calls, and they don't offer printing/scanning services.
The workspace shares its space with a cosmetics and accessories store, so there may be people moving around behind you. But if you have a need to work outside your home without wanting to be in a traditional office, Alchemy could be a suitable option.


Opening hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-21:00
The popular work format in Bali that combines business with pleasure often involves working from cafes. If you don't mind the ambient noise, just need a power outlet, good coffee and food, and the ability to occupy a table for an extended period, many cafes are ideal for this purpose.
One such cafe is located in Nusa Dua. This complex, featuring apartments, guesthouses, and a cafe, was constructed in the spring of 2023.
It offers a stylish interior, a good menu, and coffee. On the second floor, there's a covered and well-ventilated space with power outlets. However, the power outlets are primarily located near tables next to the windows, and this option is not available in the middle of the room.
With a fantastic view of the ocean and part of Nusa Dua, open and sunny spaces, and a caring staff, this place can help make your day productive and filled with the Bali atmosphere.

25:PM Coffee

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 08:00 - 00:00
The coffee shop with a full menu and coworking space on the second floor offers a cozy and non-traditional office environment. The setting is welcoming, with tables, couches, and chairs arranged around the perimeter. Bookshelves and other decorative elements create a campus-like atmosphere, making it feel more like a university setting.
25:PM is part of a large network with establishments throughout Bali, and the Nusa Dua location is particularly conducive to productive work.
This place is likely to appeal to coffee enthusiasts, as their menu offers a wide range of options, including filter coffee, various milk-based drinks, and high-quality coffee beans. However, the food selection is more standard and doesn't stand out.
If you're looking for a pleasant and comfortable environment for work, along with excellent coffee options, 25:PM in Nusa Dua is a suitable choice.

Kopi Soe - Nusa Dua

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00
Kopi Soe is a minimalist cafe offering a variety of coffee drinks. It's a classic Indonesian place where they can add just about anything you desire to your coffee. Typically, the combinations they offer are not the most common or obvious choices for those who are new to the area.
In any case, Kopi Soe is also a comfortable spot where you can get some work done and fuel your brain with a sweet beverage.
Additionally, the cafe provides good and fast internet, making it even more attractive for laptop work. Each table has power outlets, which is convenient for extended stays.


SETTER Coworking and Private Offices

working hours: around the clock
Setter Coworking offers four well-thought-out floors of workspace. The space is accessible to clients 24/7 and features stylish minimalist design, comfortable tables, chairs, and high-speed internet.
"In our coworking space, two providers operate: Global extreme and CBN. Both offer 1.8 gigabits of speed. There are plans to add another provider with 1 gigabit in the future. We very much believe and hope that Setter will become a place of productivity for people with the right values," said Vitaliy Cheremenskiy, Founder of Setter.
Setter Coworking provides its clients with productive workspaces where every detail is well-considered, creating a sense of comfort. Upon entry, there's a shelf for helmets, followed by lockers for personal items, and a 24/7 staffed reception to assist visitors.
On the first floor, there is a 40-person event room equipped with a projector and stage.
For coworking visitors, there are two parking areas: one for bikes and one with valet parking service for cars. A dedicated SETTER staff member parks the cars for their owners.
Setter Coworking has 15 private offices suitable for 4-10 people. These offices offer all the conditions needed for productive work, even if you do not rent a private office. In addition to the 100 open seating spaces in the common area, there are closed booths for conducting Zoom meetings in a comfortable environment.
In addition, SETTER Coworking is equipped with a kitchen, shower, toilets on each floor, a lounge area for relaxation, and a cooler with drinking water. There is a covered balcony for smokers.
For holding a meeting or business meeting (up to six people) there is a Meeting room.
On the fourth floor of the building there is an outdoor cafe with beautiful 360-degree views of the island.
- Day Pass - 300,000 IDR: 24/7 access, common and relaxation rooms, refreshing drinks, one hour of Zoom room usage, 10 printed pages.
- Monthly Pass - 3,700,000 IDR: 24/7 access, common and relaxation rooms, refreshing drinks, two hours of daily Zoom room usage, personal locker, 30 printed pages. An additional option is available for 800,000 IDR for a dedicated desk (includes a monitor).
- Three-Month Pass - 9,900,000 IDR: 24/7 access, common and relaxation rooms, refreshing drinks, two hours of daily Zoom room usage, personal locker, 10 hours of conference room usage, 100 printed pages. An additional option is available for 2,250,000 IDR for a dedicated desk (includes a monitor).
- Non-Peak Hours Pass - 2,500,000 IDR: Access from 16:00 to 10:00, common and relaxation rooms, refreshing drinks, 15 hours of Zoom room usage, 20 printed pages.
- Private Office (4 people) - 23,000,000 IDR: 24/7 access, air conditioning, snacks, 50 hours of Zoom room usage, 30 hours of equipped conference rooms, cleaning service, common and relaxation rooms, two lockers, 50 printed pages.
- Private Office (6-7 people) - 33,600,000 IDR: 24/7 access, air conditioning, refreshments and snacks, access to Zoom rooms, equipped conference rooms, cleaning service, common and relaxation rooms, and many other advantages.
- Private Office (8-9 people) - 43,200,000 IDR: 24/7 access, air conditioning, snacks, 50 hours of Zoom room usage, 30 hours of equipped meeting rooms, cleaning service, common and relaxation rooms, three lockers, 50 printed pages.
Additional services:
- Focus Room" (small private room for one person) - 50,000 IDR per hour.
- Document scanning (1 page) - 5,000 IDR (please note that different prices may be listed on the website).
- Personal locker for a month - 300,000 IDR.
- Monitor rental: 1 month - 450,000 IDR, 1 week - 150,000 IDR, 1 day - 75,000 IDR.
Meeting room rental is available not only to members of the coworking space, but the prices will be higher for non-members. Prices for meeting rooms are as follows:
- Room for four people: 130,000 IDR per hour for clients and 250,000 IDR per hour for non-members.
- Room for six people: 200,000 IDR per hour for clients and 300,000 IDR per hour for non-members.

B Work Bali

working hours: around the clock
It's a great place to work with a unique design. The seating in the coworking space resembles that of a university lecture hall, but it's not the only work area – there are several workspaces available.
They have adjustable-height desks, and the chairs are ergonomic.
There are also focus rooms, and the Wi-Fi is stable and fast, with speeds up to 100 Mbps. The coworking space has a swimming pool, and there's also a cafe. The prices there are somewhat expensive, but coworking members receive a 15% discount.
Flexible Plan Pricing:
1. 30 hours over two weeks, 8 hours of focus room usage, 20 pages of printing, access to the pool, and five yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud - 1,000,000 IDR.
2. 50 hours over two weeks, 15 hours of focus room usage, 20 pages of printing, access to the pool, and five yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud - 1,450,000 IDR.
3. 100 hours per month, 20 hours of focus room usage, 30 pages of printing, access to the pool, an additional locker, and eight yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud - 2,440,000 IDR.
Unlimited Plans:
1. Long-term for three months: two hours of daily focus room usage, 100 pages of printing, drink discounts, 10 hours in a four-person conference room, a free locker, and 45 yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud - 9,770,000 IDR.
2. One-month unlimited: two hours of daily focus room usage, 30 pages of printing, drink discounts, access to the pool, and 15 yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud - 3,550,000 IDR.
Other Options:
1. Day pass for 24 hours: one hour of focus room usage, 10 pages of printing - 280,000 IDR.
2. Non-peak hours for a month: Monday to Friday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday, with a discount on five drinks, 15 hours of focus room usage, access to the pool, eight yoga sessions in Changgu or Ubud, an additional locker, and 30 pages of printing - 2,200,000 IDR.
3. Weekend pass: two days of the weekend, four hours per day of focus room usage, and 20 pages of printing - 390,000 IDR.


working hours: around the clock
Outpost is a coworking network on Bali with one location in Changgu and two in Ubud. When you purchase a membership, it typically grants you access to all of their coworking spaces on the island.
Outpost in Canggu is a coworking space with a pool and a coliving concept. You can work at Outpost 24/7, and they offer excellent Wi-Fi with a speed of 200 Mbps and a dedicated line of 100 Mbps from different providers to ensure consistency even if one line goes down. The staff is fantastic and they often organize events for coworking members to socialize and explore Bali together. There is also an on-site restaurant with delicious and budget-friendly food. Coworking members receive discounts at various partner locations, such as yoga studios and cafes.
Hourly Pass:
- 25 hours for $54 (valid for one month, access to any Outpost location, a mailing address, three hours in a private room).
- 50 hours for $77 (valid for one month, access to any Outpost location, a mailing address, six hours in a private room).
- 100 hours for $135 (valid for one month, access to any Outpost location, a mailing address, 12 hours in a private room).
Monthly Unlimited:
- One month for $195 (unlimited hours per month, access to other Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 16 hours of private room access).
- Two months for $340 (unlimited hours per month, access to other Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 32 hours of private room access).
- Three months for $585 (unlimited hours per month, access to other Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 48 hours of private room access).
Dedicated Desk Rates:
- One month for $232 (dedicated desk, unlimited hours per month, access to all Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 16 hours of private room access).
- Two months for $420 (dedicated desk, unlimited hours per month, access to all Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 32 hours of private room access).
- Three months for $696 (dedicated desk, unlimited hours per month, access to all Outpost locations in Bali, unlimited locker usage, a mailing address, 48 hours of private room access).
A day pass costs $15, which provides you with eight hours of access to the coworking space.

Matra Co-working and Co-living

working hours: around the clock
This is a coworking space with coliving facilities offering a 360-degree view of Berawa.
It's equipped with a rooftop cafe and offers 24/7 access to the coworking space. The internet speed is excellent at 100 Mbps, and you can find amenities such as a projector, whiteboard, printers, two air-conditioned conference rooms for eight people each, lockers, a spacious pool, a gym, a communal kitchen, and a shared bathroom.
- 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah for three hours of internet access.
- 70,000 Indonesian Rupiah for six hours of internet access, three free printing pages, a free locker.
- 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah for nine hours of internet access, six free printing pages, a free locker, one free espresso, and one free tea.
- 130,000 Indonesian Rupiah for 12 hours of internet access, six free printing pages, a free locker, priority access to the VIP room, one free espresso, and one free tea.
Other Plans:
- Daily Plan for 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah: Valid for one day with a 5% discount on food and drinks, three printing credits, priority access to the VIP room, one free double espresso, and one free tea.
- Weekly Plan for 650,000 Indonesian Rupiah: Valid for one week with a 10% discount on food and drinks, six daily printing credits, priority access to the VIP room, and a locker, plus one free double espresso and one free tea.
- Two-Week Plan for 1,200,000 Indonesian Rupiah: Valid for two weeks with a 10% discount on food and drinks, nine daily printing credits, priority access to the VIP room, and a locker, plus one free double espresso and one free tea.
- Monthly Plan for 2,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah: Valid for one month with a 15% discount on food and drinks, 12 daily printing credits, priority access to the VIP room, and a locker, plus one free double espresso and one free tea.
They also offer scooter and bicycle rentals:
- Daily Scooter Rental: 60,000 Indonesian Rupiah per day.
- Weekly Scooter Rental: 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah per day.
- Monthly Scooter Rental: 900,000 Indonesian Rupiah per month.
Coworking members receive a voucher for daily yoga sessions at a 20% discount at Pranava Yoga and can book surfing lessons with experienced instructors starting at 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah per lesson. The coworking space also offers 24-hour free use of the conference room for hotel guests and from 8 am to 10 pm for participants, but advance booking at the café's reception is required.

Genesis Creative Centre

In addition to the coworking space, there are four creative studios with specialized equipment: an art studio, an atelier, a sound studio, and a photo studio. Each type of studio can be rented by the hour, and there are discounts of 10-20% for longer rentals. This coworking space is located in the center of Galleria Tamora and offers a 100 Mbps internet speed.
Here are the pricing options for the coworking space:
1. "Day Pass" - 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah per day, which includes:
- Free water
- Access to a desk
- Use of the library area
- Parking space
2. Monthly Membership - 1,500,000 Indonesian Rupiah per month, which includes:
- Dedicated desk + office desk
- Free water
- 10% discount on all studios
- Two free studio hours or five hours for private video calls
- Printing, copying, scanning services
- Access to the library area
- Discounts from partners
- Parking space

Finns Recreation Club

Opening hours: every day 06:00-20:00
This VIP leisure club offers coworking services with shared tables as well as personal tables with partitions. The internet speed is 30 Mbps.
On the premises, you will find a library, conference rooms, a pool, a gym, a tennis center, and a sports court.
To access the coworking services, you need to be a member of the Lifestyle, Gold, or Platinum programs, which you can obtain by purchasing a Finns Bali membership and enjoy the privilege of free entry to the Finns Recreation Club coworking center. Alternatively, you can use the coworking facilities by purchasing a Finns Bali Day Pass.
Day pass - 550k, by kitas - 275k

Kinship Studio Bali

Opening hours: every day from 8:00 to 20:00
This industrial-style coworking space is located in Berawa, not far from the traditional Pasar Semat market. It used to be a sewing factory, which remained abandoned after its closure. The new owners decided to transform it into a modern coworking space for creative individuals. The internet speed here is 250 Mbps.
In addition to the shared workspace, this place offers separate offices for those who prefer working alone, a photography studio, a café, and a common area for relaxation and socializing. All private offices are located on two floors around the building, while the main coworking area is in the center. The offices are designed for up to eight people. In the evenings, this coworking space hosts various events, seminars, and exhibitions, ranging from meditations to business meetings.
The photography studio is equipped with professional Broncolor lighting equipment and can be rented for half a day or a full day.
The interior features wooden furniture and a lot of greenery, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

PUCO Rooftop Coworking space and Eatery

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 00:00, Sat, Sun from 8:00 to 22:30
This modern coworking space in Canggu, Bali, offers co-living, fast internet, and delicious food. The Wi-Fi speed is 100 Mbps. The work tables are located on the rooftop with stunning views of Canggu's rice fields, nearly 360 degrees.
The shared table can accommodate up to 22 people. There is also an option for a "dedicated desk" for frequent visitors to the coworking space.
Visitors have access to air-conditioned rooms, comfortable chairs, a quiet meeting room, a printer, and a scanner.

Tropical Nomad Canggu

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00; Sat, Sun - 07:00-15:00
This coworking space opened in November 2018 and is located on a shortcut just behind Pritty Poizon. The space is vast and very bright, decorated with whitewashed wood, white stucco, and light driftwood, giving it an eco-friendly style. On the first floor, there is a communal area with space for 30 people, which is ventilated with fans. There are woven chairs, tall work tables, as well as sofas and coffee tables. There is a tea and coffee counter as well.
The first floor also has a shower, in case you want to freshen up, and a printer-scanner-copier that is available with the purchase of any coworking pass. The internet speed is high, at 500 Mbps.
On the second floor, there is an air-conditioned work area with a view of the rice fields, accommodating 18 people, and two meeting rooms for 6 and 12 people. There are also three cabins for Skype calls.



Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00; Sat, Sun - days off
This coworking space, part of a major Indonesian network, is located in the Park 23 shopping center. Visually, it offers a very stylish and modern environment.
Here, you'll find halls for hosting large events as well as meeting rooms for discussions. There's also an option to rent your private office, and you can conveniently book the desired option directly on their website.

Biliq Bali Cosharing Space

working hours: around the clock
This coworking space offers a co-living concept and features a mini-pool. They have a café with healthy food options, smoothie bowls, and excellent coffee. It provides meeting rooms, Skype rooms, free tea, coffee, and snacks, as well as access to a printer. The internet speed goes up to 200 Mbps.
For work, there are two areas: an open outdoor space and a closed, air-conditioned quiet zone. During breaks, you can visit the buffet or relax in a zen room or by the unique pool with tables right in the water. There's a designated smoking area on a bench in the park.
For important meetings and calls, you can use the soundproof Skype room free of charge. They also offer the option to reserve a "dedicated desk" with partitions and an additional monitor. If you need to host events, you can rent conference rooms with two capacity options: 10 and 20 people. All the rooms are equipped with projectors, LCD TVs, and whiteboards. You can even order lunch from the café.
Additionally, there is one private office for four people, equipped with a TV.



Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00; Sat, Sun - days off
Tempakultura is a creative space that includes a café with a banquet hall, a shop, and a cozy coworking area. The café offers reasonably priced dishes ranging from 39,000 to 59,000 Indonesian Rupiahs and cappuccinos for 30,000 Indonesian Rupiahs.
This place is sure to appeal to creative individuals such as designers, architects, artists, photographers, and writers. It frequently hosts exhibitions and other events related to creative fields. Tempakultura offers a series of weekly seminars covering various themes, and these seminars feature highly sought-after masterclasses more often than others. Visitors can participate in masterclasses that cover candle-making, illustration, paper art, ceramics, perfumery, macramé, and more.
The charming establishment features a bright, naturally lit space that serves as an ideal venue for multisensory exhibitions, installations, and entertainment halls. The hall is equipped with track lighting and railings for displaying artworks suitable for professional viewing in a gallery setting. The white interior facade of the hall also provides an excellent backdrop for digital projections that can be cast onto multiple walls and ceilings.


Outpost Ubud Penestanan Coworking and Coliving

Phone number: +62 812-3675-1687
Location in the Penestanane area on Google maps
Opening hours: 24 hours a day
The coworking space you described is a network of coworking spaces with multiple locations worldwide. In Bali, they have two spaces in Ubud, in the Penestanan and Mas areas.
1. Hourly Pass
- You can choose the number of hours you need (valid for one month).
- Includes a mailing address and three hours of access to a private booth.
- 25 hours: $54
- 50 hours: $77
- 100 hours: $135
2. Monthly Membership
- Provides unlimited visits, a free locker for storage, and 48 hours of access to a private booth.
- 1 month: $195
- 2 months: $340
- 3 months: $585
3. Personal Desk Membership
- Includes a dedicated desk, unlimited hours per month, a free locker, and 48 hours of access to a private booth.
- 1 month: $232
- 2 months: $420
- 3 months: $696
The Outpost in Penestanan combines coworking and coliving. You can live and work in the same place. It offers amenities such as a pool and a yoga room. The space has an open area with fans and an enclosed area with air conditioning and fans.
The Wi-Fi speed is 80 Mbps.

Outpost Ubud Coworking

This Outpost coworking branch is located in MOS, Ubud. There are also several floors and areas with fans, air conditioning, relaxation areas, a swimming pool and a yoga room.
Phone number: +62 361 9080584
Location in the center of Ubud on Google maps

Wrkhub By Tutmak

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00
Wi-fi speed: 100 mb
+62 813-3924-6553
Location on Google maps
The coworking space is in an excellent central location in Ubud and is very affordable. It can get quite crowded, especially on the second floor, after lunch.
- There is no air conditioning, only fans.
- There is a relaxation area with a couch and a TV.
- Access to lockable lockers is available.
- Printer access is provided upon request.
- They offer a complimentary drink, either coffee or tea.

Beluna - House of Creatives

+62 813-3835-8162
Opening hours: 8:00 - 20:00
The coworking space is the most stylish and aesthetically pleasing in Ubud, with woven decor and views of lush rice terraces. The first floor is an open area under a canopy with fans, and it can get quite hot during the day.
They regularly update promotions on Instagram. For example, when you purchase a day pass at the coworking space, you may receive a complimentary coconut. They offer different promotions, such as a free coffee when you buy a day pass on Wednesdays or a day pass for free if you arrive before 10 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be sure to follow their Instagram stories for the latest updates.
Here are the subscription options:
1. High-Speed Pass for 80k: High-quality Wi-Fi, 4 hours of work, free tea/coffee/water.
2. Full-Day Pass for 150k: High-quality Wi-Fi, 12 hours of work in a single day, free tea/coffee/water.
3. Monthly Pass for 650k: High-quality Wi-Fi, 25 hours of work in one day, free tea/coffee/water.
4. Monthly Pass for 950k: High-quality Wi-Fi, 50 hours of work in one day, 1 drink from the bar, 4 hours of a private room for calls, free tea/coffee/water.
5. Monthly Pass for 2.2m: High-quality Wi-Fi, unlimited 24/7 access, 3 drinks from the bar, 10 hours of a private room for calls, personal locker with a key, virtual office account, free tea/coffee/water.
6. Personal Office, cost: 10m per month.

My Global Workspace

Opening hours: 9:00 - 21:00
+62 821-4752-1802
Location on Google maps
Wi-Fi speed: 50 Mbps
A new modern workspace with a stunning view of rice fields. Here, you'll find all the conditions for productive work:
- Comfortable workstations
- High-speed internet
- Conference rooms for private meetings and discussions
- Relaxation area
- Delicious coffee and snacks
- Convenient location with easy access from the main road
- Ample parking space
The first floor features a reception area where you can also order coffee from a coffee machine. In the main hall, there's a large wooden table for communal use, accommodating 7-8 people. There's a veranda with a view of the rice fields and a separate room for discussions.
On the second floor, you'll find additional workstations and a cool, enclosed workspace.
This place is ideal for productive work, allowing you to focus on your tasks in a quiet environment.

Parq Ubud

Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00
Location on Google maps
Wi-Fi speed: 90-100 Mbps
This extensive creative workspace is part of the ParQ complex, a place that represents the ultimate convergence of creative individuals, work energy, intelligence, aesthetics, and opportunities.
ParQ Ubud is designed to bring together like-minded people who share common values and perspectives on the open world.
According to the founders of ParQ, "The environment is a key factor when it comes to igniting inspiration and solving problems. Naturally, a higher level of productivity is achieved compared to working in the hustle and bustle of home or a regular workplace."
You can work in a designated area with air conditioning for free. There's also a paid co-working zone with high-speed internet at 100 Mbps. In this area, you can find personal desks with power outlets and a large communal workspace.
The cost is 50,000 IDR per day.


Opening hours: Sun, Mon 08:00-19:00; Tue-Sat from 08:00-22:00
Location on Google maps
Wi-Fi speed: 90-100 Mbps
RÜSTERS is a café with a spacious green area, a clay sculpting workshop, and a co-working space. They serve delicious coffee, including various brewing methods like V60 pour-over and coffee with milk.
You can work anywhere in the café, but the second floor is particularly comfortable for freelancers. It has a dedicated area for co-working, and you can easily access it via the staircase located near the bar.


Livit Hub - Coworking Space

Location on Google maps
Phone: +62 361 286158
Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Wi-Fi speed: 150 Mbps
Livit Hub is not just a co-working space;
it's a hub for innovation and development. This co-working space aims to foster a creative working atmosphere where great ideas can flourish. It attracts professionals from various industries and freelancers from around the world.
The space also hosts regular networking events, seminars, and knowledge-sharing sessions to further strengthen collaboration and connections among its members.
They offer different membership options:
1. Basic Coworking:
- Suitable for working on the first floor, in the café area and on the balcony, without air conditioning.
- Includes free tea, coffee, water, high-speed internet, and the use of a meeting room (2 x 30-minute slots for a 10-day package, 4 x 30-minute slots for a monthly unlimited membership).
- Pricing: 2.25 million IDR per month, 1.75 million IDR for 10 days plus weekends, 225,000 IDR for a single visit.
2. Pro Coworking:
- Provides access to all core co-working benefits, including using any desk in the building, a snack station, access to a quiet room for sleeping, showers, events, and meeting room usage (2 hours per day, 8 hours per week, 32 hours per month), as well as access to a small conference room (1 hour per day, 4 hours per week, 16 hours per month).
- Includes laundry service three times a week for the 10-day package, and unlimited usage for the monthly package.
- Pricing: 4.9 million IDR per month, 2.45 million IDR for 10 days plus weekends, 275,000 IDR for a single visit.
3. Unlimited Coworking:
- Offers a dedicated personal writing desk, essentially your private office space.
Additional features include small and large rooms for Skype and Zoom calls, high-quality and high-speed internet (150 Mbps), 24/7 access for club members, air conditioning, and a rooftop area with a beautiful view.
Livit Hub also boasts a secure parking lot across the building. Visitors are required to remove their outdoor shoes, as cleanliness is maintained within the co-working space.
The ground floor serves as a restaurant, and the first-floor co-working area is open to those with basic memberships or day passes.

Genius Cafe Sanur

Opening hours: 7:00-22:00
Location on Google maps
Phone: +62 877-0047-7788
Genius Café Sanur is a modern beachfront café that offers co-working spaces with outdoor seating areas equipped with fans and shades. It's more than just a café; it's an experience designed to foster creative ideas, collaborative partnerships, and business success. The co-working spaces encourage the natural development of innovative concepts.
Membership at Genius Café includes the following benefits:
- Unlimited access to work and visit all Genius Cafés (currently, they have two locations: Genius Café Sanur and Genius Café Vision at Vision Villa Resort in Gianyar).
- High-quality internet with speeds of 40 Mbps.
- A 20% discount on the entire café menu.
- Free access to all events and activities hosted by GeniusU.
They offer several membership packages for one year:
1. Classic Package - $99
2. B1G1 Package - $150
3. Kumpul Package - $225
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