Mamma Mia (Pengosekan)

Type of place
This charming Italian restaurant offers a delightful experience with its rustic design, reminiscent of an Italian village.
The friendly Italian owner, often present, adds a personal touch, occasionally treating guests to coffee or limoncello.
The food is simple, homemade, and delicious, with plenty of cheese. The menu features a variety of pizzas and pasta, with lasagna, ravioli, and gnocchi made fresh in-house. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available upon request. Must-try dishes include wood-fired pizzas like Rustica, Salsiccia, and Quattro Formaggi, a variety of pasta dishes such as Penne alla Vodka and Spaghetti alla Toni, and the classic tiramisu dessert.
Italian wine is available at reasonable prices, and all prices include taxes.
The restaurant also provides free delivery with no minimum order.
Note that the restaurant lacks air conditioning and has limited parking.