Kedonganan Fish Market

Alternate title

Fish Market

Type of place
Strangely enough, on the island of Bali, located between the Indian and Pacific oceans, there are very few places with a wide selection of fish and seafood at reasonable prices. One of these is the fish market in Jimbaran.
In all other areas, the choice of fish is very limited and you can usually only buy it in restaurants.
Only at the fish market can you buy oysters for 40-50 thousand rupiah per kilogram, tuna for 50 thousand rupiah per kilogram, and shrimp from 80-90 thousand rupiah per kilogram (the price depends on the size of the shrimp).
It's better to come early in the morning; at this time you can buy the freshest products.
You can grill the fish right at the market or in beachfront cafes, which costs from 15 to 25 thousand per kilogram.
Tip: Ask the seller to clean the fish for grilling right away — it's free and you won't have to pay extra for the grill.