Type of place
Located on Sunset Road, this Japanese restaurant and fresh seafood store offers a dynamic dining experience with three distinct sections dedicated to seafood, meat, and noodles, all within a shared space where guests can choose to sit outdoors or indoors with air conditioning.
Unlike traditional sushi spots, this place serves up Japanese fast food featuring a variety of seafood prepared either fried or grilled, alongside noodles, salads, and sashimi.
With a menu boasting fixed-price dishes and options to choose from the counter, patrons can enjoy everything from fresh oysters to steamed clams.
Highlights to try include grilled or steamed fish, fisherman soup, Moyashi salad, and Mabo Nasu.
The restaurant also houses a shop where patrons can purchase quality seafood and Japanese groceries, eliminating the need to visit Jimbaran's fish market.
Renowned for sourcing seafood for the famous Ryoshi restaurant and hosting live performances by local band Rio Sidik, this spot combines culinary delights with cultural experiences.