Use Your Head: How to Choose a Helmet for Riding in Bali?

What should every bike journey (and not only in Bali) start with? That's right, putting on a helmet for both the driver and the passenger. We won’t repeat for the thousandth time how many lives it has saved, just remember that hair blowing in the wind looks best on an intact head!
We will tell you about the types of helmets, how to choose the right one, and how to take care of them.
In Bali, there are numerous places where you can buy helmets. They are available in both tourist and non-tourist areas. Prices in stalls do not vary much. They are more expensive in specialized stores or motorbike showrooms. You can find the nearest location by searching 'Helmet' on Google Maps. Overall, the quality is the same everywhere.
On Tokopedia, the selection is greater and prices are lower, but you need to know your exact size and read reviews. The helmet in the photo from the seller and the helmet in reality can be very different.
A large number of helmets are sold in Telegram chats by those leaving the island. The price for a used helmet, of course, is lower, but if you are a squeamish person, this option might not suit you. It is better to pay extra and buy a brand-new one. And if you do buy a used one, don’t forget to take it to the laundry.
Fullface vs. openface?
Globally, helmets for scooter riding are divided into two types.
- Open Face Helmet, also known as a three-quarter helmet. It looks like a helmet with an open lower part. It has a visor, sometimes a sunshade. Generally, it protects against minor falls without hitting the jaw on the bike or asphalt. It also saves you from sand kicked up by the vehicle in front and insects. And from a fine too. A big plus is that it's not so hot to stand in traffic jams with it, and it is almost never stolen; you can safely leave it on the handlebar.
- Full Face is a more protected, fully enclosed helmet. It protects the jaw in case of a fall. Statistics show that most impacts during a fall are on the jaw. It’s hotter in traffic jams, but you can open the visor or wear a balaclava. It’s better to take it with you, especially if you splurged on a quality full-face helmet.
How to Choose?
The cheapest no-name helmets cost around 250,000–300,000.
Then there are original helmets:
  • Yamaha or Honda
  • Kyt
  • Zeus
These helmets can be bought in most stores or motorbike showrooms. They are manufactured in Bali and certified. Counterfeits are almost never encountered. They are affordable, on average 500,000–800,000 per helmet.
Dmitry, expert at
“For more expensive options, you can look at Nolan, Ls2, and Arai. They are lighter than cheaper brands and provide even more protection. However, they are counterfeit more often. Generally, the first thing to pay attention to is the price. These helmets are not manufactured in Bali, so it's better to check the price on the manufacturer's website and add a 50% duty for import into Indonesia, plus the seller's profit. An inexperienced person cannot tell the difference between a fake and the original.”
Size Matters!
In Bali, the main helmet size is L. Sizes M, S, or XL are rarely available and mostly by order. There are children's helmets, but they are of questionable quality. The best way not to make a mistake with the choice is to try it on offline; everything else is a lottery. Another option is to choose your helmet size of a particular brand at a stall and then order it online.
The helmet should not squeeze your head, or it will quickly start to hurt. At the same time, it should not be loose, as this negates the protection and it will fly off in a fall.
Even if you bought a new helmet, it needs to be washed periodically. More specifically, the soft inner lining that is inside and easily detachable. It can be easily washed in a washing machine with other things. Or take it to a laundry, some accept helmets.
Another element that wears out over time is the visor. Even if you don’t have the habit of dropping your helmet, scratches and scuffs appear on the protective glass. The visor cannot be polished, only replaced.
In a helmet store, you can choose your option. They will also install it for you. It’s quite inexpensive, but it makes driving much more comfortable. A scratched visor reflects oncoming headlights and worsens visibility at night. Without it, it is difficult to ride in many cases. It protects your eyes from dirt, stones, sand, and insects.
Dmitry, expert at
“Of course, ideally, you should buy your own helmet, especially if you plan to stay on the island for a couple to a few months. However, good rental companies also always keep their helmets in order. They clean them, wash the inner lining, and check visors for scratches and scuffs. By the way, you can guess the condition of the bikes at a rental company by the condition of their helmets.”
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