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Can you ride a bike with a child? Looking at the locals, this question seems to go away. For the Balinese, even a small scooter is quite a family vehicle. They manage to accommodate two, three and sometimes even four children on it. Expats are not lagging behind. Although, in general, transporting a child under the age of 12 on a bike is very unsafe. It's even prohibited by the rules of the road. 
How to maximize the safety of a small passenger, if you still decided to take a risk and chose to travel with a child two-wheeled transport. The experts at bali.motion have put together the most detailed instructions!
Rule 1 
  • The first thing to remember is that in case of any accident on a bike, a child has a much higher chance of getting seriously injured than an adult. And of course, you will be primarily responsible for this. We don't recommend putting a kid on a bike unless you have serious experience of riding on the island. And even with experience, to be honest, too, but it's everyone's choice.
Rule 2
  • If you are confident in yourself and have decided not to stand in traffic by car, choose a medium or large bike. Scoopy or Vario should not be considered. Don't look up to the locals, they have been taking their kids since birth and not from a good life, but simply because they have no choice.
  • For traveling with a child you can take Nmax, PCX or XMax. The main thing is that you should fit on it and there should be at least a minimum amount of space on the seat. In addition to capacity, these bikes are more stable on the road.
Rule 3
  • Where should you put your child? Children are usually placed in front of the driver or between the driver and the passenger. From the point of view of safer driving, it is better to place the child between the parents. However, in this case there is a danger that during a sudden braking the passenger who sits behind will be pressed forward by inertia, while the driver will rest his hands on the steering wheel and remain practically motionless. Thus, the child will be squeezed between the two adult passengers. The quicker the stop, the greater the risk of injury. 
  • If you put your child in front of the driver, make sure he or she has something to hold on to and can handle it. It is best to use special seats for children, which are mounted on the scooter tank. They are available for almost all models. But at rentals you can rarely find it. If you plan to stay on the island for a long time, it is worth buying.
  • Standing is best not to drive. Children are very fond of standing in front of the driver in the small area between the steering wheel and the seat. From a safety point of view, this is best avoided. It's much easier for the rider to control the bike when the child is sitting. It's easier to hold a small passenger with your legs when they're sitting in front of you.
  • Don't put a child behind everyone else. You have no control over what happens. There is a danger that he or she will not hold on to a bump and will simply slip off the seat.
  • It is also not a good idea to place your child on a suitcase (backpack) that you are carrying on the front seat.
Rule 4 
  • Before riding, explain to your child that he or she must hold on as best as you can, never forgetting for a second that he or she may fall off. If your child is riding in front, teach them not to try to help you control the bike by shifting their body weight. And, of course, no cell phones while riding. This goes for both the rider and the little passenger. 
  • Carrying an infant in a carrier on a mom is a pretty risky idea. Everything is at your own risk. We certainly don't advise it.
Rule 5 
  • Helmet and close-fitting shoes. This is something you can provide for your child without any problems and at least somehow reduce the risk of serious injury. Even if the rentals do not have a child helmet, it can be bought in many stores without problems. Don't save money, get a normal one. But with children's equipment can be difficult. Not for every adult is easy to find. 
  • No flip-flops when riding a bike! However, this also applies to adults.
  • As for the police, there will probably be no problems. If the driver and all passengers are wearing helmets, you are unlikely to be stopped. Only in the case of a mass raid, but such after lockdown almost never happens. Regardless, if possible, avoid riding a bike with a child. Do not take it lightly. Traveling around the island by car, with a child seat you will be much more comfortable. Especially if you want to travel in Bali.
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