Trip to Nungnung Waterfall and Nature Reserve in Wisata Tukad Ngongkong

Nungnung Waterfall and Wisata Tukad Ngongkong Nature Reserve
In our opinion this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. You have to take in the atmosphere.
Let's go🔥
📍 Map point Nungnung Waterfall
We put it in the navigator and drive all the way towards Ubud, but leave it to our right. There are beautiful views along the way, the further away from the tourist areas - the more peaceful and measured it is. We admire the rice paddies on the sides and climb up.
We drive up to the waterfall, put the bike in the parking lot, take water with us, and go down. The descent is easy, on steps, but long and tiring. There are two rest points along the way.
Before the waterfall we have to walk along the river. We move on, everything around is beautiful, no photos can convey these colors - everything is unrealistically bright and juicy. The humid air adds atmosphere, and together with the noise of falling water - also mystery.
Making our way further, the waterfall is coming up. The waterfall is very high and loud. You can swim in it and take beautiful photos. It is usually not crowded here, you can take photos freely.
We've seen the sites, taken pictures, thought about our own - now we're on our way back. Lots of steps, take a break.
On the way back, there is a great place to rest and have a snack 📍 Wisata Tukad Ngongkong Reserve. The drive from the waterfall is close. You can walk there, swing on the beautiful swings, some big beautiful figure in the middle of the lawn.
Also lots of places for photos overlooking the valley. Snack is very cheap, lunch with a drink will come out to about 60-80k. After that we put a point home and head back.
💰 Price: 20k costs a ticket at the entrance
🛵 Distance: 45km from Denpasar
⏰ Travel time: 1 hour 25 minutes by bike
💪🏼 Difficulty: Easy, but make sure to take warm clothes and rain gear. It can rain in the mountains and it will be chilly. Pants and a sweatshirt will suffice.
👆🏻Road: Easy. There are no difficult sections, any bike can pass, including vario and Scoope.
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