The Foreigner Vandalized a Restaurant in Kuta has been Deported

Earlier, we wrote about an expatriate who, due to unrequited love, drank, took a set of cold weapons, and went to vandalize innocent restaurants and beach fences in Kuta. The restaurant on Camplung Tanduk Street in Seminyak suffered particularly badly - the vandal visited it twice. In total, he caused damage amounting to approximately 10 million Indonesian rupiahs.
Photo: nusabali
For his violations, which also included overstaying his visa, the 48-year-old Russian with the initials V.K. had been in custody since late February. During this time, documents were prepared and administrative procedures were conducted for his deportation.
Last week, the vandal was sent back to his homeland from Bali's international airport. His ticket to Moscow was purchased by a friend. The violator will be included in the blacklist for entry into Indonesia.
In addition to this case, at the end of April, six citizens of different countries were deported. Three Americans, a resident of Hong Kong, one New Zealander, and a Russian woman. All of them were forcibly sent home for various reasons, ranging from criminal cases, violations of national security, to exceeding the visa period.
An American woman with the initials A.D., 35 years old, and her two sons, aged 5 and 8, were deported for overstaying. For financial reasons, they simply did not renew their B211A visa. Its validity period expired in December 2023, which did not prevent them from continuing to live on Bali for another six months. The family spent five days in immigration detention.
A woman from Hong Kong with the initials K.Y. (33 years old) was deported after 125 days of detention. The police of South Denpasar detained her in an abandoned building in Sanur. She, as well as a Russian woman with the initials K.M. (33 years old) and a man from New Zealand with the initials A.L. (33 years old), were suspected of posing a threat to the safety of the Indonesian people, for which they were expelled from the country and blacklisted. The Russian woman was involved in a case of physical violence in Ubud, and the New Zealander was involved in a case of insults and threats against local residents in a tattoo salon in Seminyak.
Sources: nusabalidetik
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