Jagasatru Waterfall

Photo: @agus_a.p
The Jagasatru Waterfall is located in the highland area of Selat. Here you can feel the pleasant coolness and enjoy the stunning views of Mount Agung.
This waterfall has not yet become very popular, so you can experience the beauty of this unspoiled place. Jagasartu is perfect for those seeking solitude in nature, enjoying meditation,and simply admiring the natural beauty of Bali.
Photo: @anotherday_inheaven
The height of Jagasatru is about 40 meters. It is not very full, although the strength varies depending on the season. Visually, this waterfall reminds many people of Git-Git, located in the north of Bali.
If the water level allows, you can splash around in the waterfall lagoon.
Photo: Deni Sky
Near the waterfall, there are equipped springs for performing the Balinese ceremonial cleansing - melukat.
Photo: Deni Sky
To reach the waterfall, you will need to walk along a trail for about 1 kilometer. It takes quite a long time to descend. Curious travelers have counted 165 steps. But all the way down, you will be accompanied by a concert performed by forest cicadas.
Photo: Deni Sky
The entrance fee is 10,000 rupiahs per person.
Near the waterfall, you can also visit the Bukit Putung viewpoint (4 kilometers away). The road near the waterfall Jagasatru is an alternative to the coastal route connecting Denpasar with the east of the island. If you have already seen the coastal road and want new views,you can drive on this 'upper' road. It is also called the road through Sidemen. And on the way,you can visit Bukit Putung and the Jagasatru waterfall.
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