Telaga Waja waterfall

Photo:  @modernnmowgli
The Chebure and Telaga Waja waterfalls are one and the same waterfall. So do not get confused.
The main beauty of this place is not even in the picturesque of the waterfall itself, but in the splendor of the valley where it is located.
Photo: @dwi1770
The residents of the nearby village have done a huge job to create a convenient descent to the waterfall. The length of this descent is about a kilometer.
It's better to go down this descent in good physical shape and comfortable shoes. Some concrete steps can be slippery from water.
Photo: @arimbawaaaa
It's best to come by scooter, then you can get closer to the descent. Parking for cars is further from the steps to the waterfall.
The walk from the bike parking to the waterfall will take about 15-20 minutes.
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