Melanting waterfall in the Buleleng area of ​​Bali

The waterfall is located near Lake Tamblingan between the villages of Munduk and Gobleg.
If you are driving to the waterfall and do not want to walk far to reach it, it's better to approach it from the village of Gobleg.
If you are staying overnight in Munduk and are willing to walk through the forest for about an hour or ride a bike for about 20 minutes, then you can start your journey from Munduk.
To reach the Melanting waterfall from the village of Munduk, head towards the Melanting Cottages hotel, where you can see a sign for Waterfalls from the main road.
There is ample parking there.
If you are on a bike, you can go further on the bike, but if you have a car, alas, you will have to leave the car here.
Next you will have a road about 800 meters down a concrete path about a meter wide.
You can ride a bike if you're careful. There are locals on the trail, but there is enough space to move around if you don't make a fuss. Further down there will be a fork.
To the right - Red Coral waterfall, to the left - a small shop with souvenirs and the road to the Melanting and Labuhan Kebo waterfalls.
From the fork, the path will go uphill for about 500 meters to the next fork. To the left will be the waterfalls, to the right - the village of Gobleg.
The first waterfall along the way will be Labuhan Kebo. It is very easy to descend, the area is very well-maintained and picturesque in a good sense of the word. If you skip Labuhan Gobleg and continue along the concrete path, after about 400 meters, there will be an unmarked parking lot and a descent to Melanting. There, you will need to leave your bike, as concrete steps will soon begin.
If you are coming to the waterfall from the north and have the opportunity to reach it from the village of Gobleg, it might be more convenient for you. At least it's definitely more convenient for those traveling by car. Up to this intersection, you will be driving on a convenient, although winding, asphalt road. And afterward, you'll continue on a two-lane concrete road to the parking lot and the entrance to the descent to Melanting.
The descent to Melanting is quite long.
It's approximately the same level of difficulty as Nung Nung waterfall. The steps are concrete and safe, but there are no railings. The trail passes through a forest with clove and breadfruit tree plantations.
Approximately one-third of the way, you will encounter a booth with a ticket counter. The entrance fee for one adult is 20,000 rupiahs. There is also a toilet near the booth. After the booth, the descent will be slightly more challenging.
Melanting waterfall is a very beautiful and peaceful place. The sound of water falling from a height of 20 meters blends with the singing of birds and the buzzing of insects.
From Melanting to the staircase where tourists descend, there are river rapids. In some places, they form pools that are almost a meter deep. If you don't feel brave enough to bathe under the waterfall, you can refresh yourself in the river if the water is clear during your visit.
If you are in Munduk and want to visit other waterfalls, you can visit Red Coral Munduk and Labuhan Kebo, which visually differ from Melanting.
There are no changing rooms at the bottom. You can change near the waterfall, covering yourself with a sarong. To the right of the place where the staircase ends at the river valley, there is a path to the old abandoned ticket booth and an old abandoned toilet, which is likely no longer usable. Beyond them, there is an abandoned and partially overgrown path, which was probably used in the past to access Melanting.
Where exactly it leads is difficult to say. Share the information if you know and have followed it.
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