Bandung Waterfall

Bandung Waterfall is artificial. Water flows into it from the Pakrisan River dam. But as it cascades down the gorge, this attraction looks quite natural.
Photo: @andre_dolan198
The waterfall was recently opened in 2019. The height of the cascade is about 10 meters and it is usually quite powerful at any time of the year.
Photo:  @joana.mesquita_
The waterfall has many 'features'. Places for jumping, places for photography. All potential hazards are marked by signs. Visitors who are not good swimmers are provided with car tires.
So far, no official entrance fee has been established and the waterfall operates on a donation system.
Photo: @polina_shornikova
The road to the waterfall from the parking lot is very short. Only about 30 meters.
Photo:  @marina_kuprun
Near the waterfall there are toilets and changing rooms.
An interesting feature, because of the unusual-shaped crevice that leads to the waterfall, it has another common name, Vagina Waterfall.
Photo: @krisfull.journeys
Bandung Waterfall can be visited on the way if you are traveling from Ubud to the waterfalls Goa Rang Rang, Kanto Lambo, Pengibul, Tibumana, and Suwat.
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