Fitness Studio "Canggu Studio"

Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 17.00
Sunday is a day off
view from the street
A studio offering the widest range of dance classes in Bali. There are also numerous fitness and yoga sessions available.
Cost of subscription/single visit:
One-time class:
140.000 rupees
110,000 rupees with KITAS
5 classes 650,000 rupees
10 classes 1,200,000 rupees
15 classes 1.650.000 rupees
15 classes 1,450,000 rupees with KITAS
The above passes are valid for 3 months
Unlimited for a month 2.100.000 rupees
You can also come and study in the studio at a special price while there are no classes in the room.
hall for yoga and dance classes on the second floor
Coaching staff:
A huge number of trainers depending on the class. There are both foreigners and Indonesians.
Equipment (cardio zone/simulators/free weights):
The equipment is selected in accordance with the tasks of the classes. There are barbells with weights up to 10 kg, dumbbells, kettlebells, leg weights, equipment for boxing and Muay Thai classes, punching bags, fitballs, blocks and yoga mats.
There is one shower room on the second floor, with shower gel. There are no lockers, people leave their bags by the wall. There are no special changing rooms. People either arrive dressed for classes or change in the restroom.
Group classes:
Classes take place on two floors. In the morning there are classes at 8.30, 9.45, 11.00 and 16.00, 17.15, 18.30. It is better to view the most complete and up-to-date schedule of classes on the studio website.
Classes are mainly divided into fitness, dance and yoga/pranayama
Fitness Classes:
Brazilian Body - one of the most popular fitness classes
A class with light weights (barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, ankle weights), mainly focusing on leg muscles and sets with various types of squats.
Bootyfit - one of the most popular fitness classes
The class focuses on abs, thighs, and buttocks. To achieve results, you'll have to sweat in this intense workout. Different sets of exercises are performed each time, using additional equipment to improve endurance, balance, and shape the body.
Pure Core
A workout to strengthen core muscles.
This class focuses on buttocks, abs, and legs using leg weights and innovative methods for sculpting the lower body.
TRX is a full-body workout based on balancing and anti-gravity principles that activate deep muscle layers. The workout helps strengthen the entire body. The class consists of two parts. The first part is longer and focuses on strength - the goal is not to make muscles bigger but stronger and aesthetically more appealing. The second part includes stretching and flexibility exercises (shoulders, lower back, thighs, calves).
Pilates is a series of exercises that emphasize breathing, deep physical preparation, and body awareness, with particular attention to body alignment and shape. Pilates is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Pilates tones and transforms the body, addresses posture issues, improves balance, flexibility, and overall physical fitness.
Boxing - one of the most popular classes
A high-intensity cardio class focused on English boxing technique.
Muay Thai
Learning Muay Thai in a fun and interactive format. In this class, you can learn to effectively defend yourself and burn more calories than in any other sport.
ROARbarre class incorporates light weights, repetitions, and various movements to keep the body toned. It's an intense workout suitable for all fitness levels.
Barre Tone
A combination of ballet exercises at the barre and movements from Pilates designed to tone the body and promote the development of flexible muscles. A workout for strength, endurance, and balance.
A cardio jam session with drumsticks filled with infectious energy.
An original special workout format for dance and fitness enthusiasts. Very engaging and enjoyable.
Dance Classes:
Beyonce Dance - one of the most popular dance classes
This class invites participants to unleash their inner Beyoncé, even if you're male and ready for such an experience. Energetic and fiery dances set to the music of Beyoncé and other music divas.
High Heels Dance
Serious work on technique and clean lines during the class. Suitable for any level. By the way, you can come without heels too.
Everything here is based on the fundamental key elements of hip-hop - bounce, rock, and groove. In addition to these basic elements, the classes include complex movements, special techniques, and coordination work. These lessons create a foundation for building confidence in dance improvisation.
Commercial Choreography
Inspired by music videos of Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez. It includes dance moves from videos and focuses on the spectacle of performance. A class for intermediate and higher-level dancers.
The dance originated in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica. It became popular thanks to its use in the videos of artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Major Lazer. Students learn the basic dance technique, isolated body movements, steps, and choreographic sequences.
Voguing is a highly stylized dance that emerged in the late 80s. It gained fame when it appeared in Madonna's "Vogue" video and was showcased in the documentary film "Paris is Burning." The style is similar to jazz modern and uses bold, extravagant movements. You can come to classes in comfortable yoga clothes and barefoot.
Waacking originated in the 70s in gay clubs in Los Angeles. The focus is mainly on specific intense arm movements. Posing is also an important element of waacking.
Modern Jazz
Modern jazz includes complex footwork, jumps, quick turns, and creative improvisation. Often performed in choreographic productions in movies and concerts.
Theatre Jazz
This dance class, based on jazz technique, incorporates aesthetics from musicals, movies, and theatrical performances based on shows like "Chicago" and "Cabaret." A dynamic and fun lesson introduces basic technique and performance aspects of dance.
Lyrical Contemporary
This dance style is performed to lyrical music to inspire strong and deep emotions. The style focuses more on individual expression than on the accuracy of movements and choreography. It's deep, lively, and very liberating.
Beginners Ballet
A ballet class focusing on technique and poses. The class covers the basics and teaches how to use this foundation in dance.
Classical Indian Odissi Dance
An introduction to the world of Indian classical dance Odissi, a graceful style from Eastern India. The class covers the history of the dance and studies fundamental movements. This dance combines intense legwork and graceful hand movements, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also a full-body workout and coordination work.
Bollywood Dance
Bollywood dance is performed in Indian Bollywood films. Its roots lie in classical and folk Indian dances, but choreographers add a lot of new elements to it - salsa, jive, hip-hop, and more. The result is an amazing, vibrant, and unique dance style.
Tribal Fusion Dance
This is a sensual dance open to all levels of ability. It allows you to better understand your body and unlock its unlimited potential, helping you feel more confident and feminine.
Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa involves dynamic sessions. The class is very engaging, thoughtfully structured, and able to adapt to individual student's needs. The practice focuses on functional mobility and the basics of anatomy.
Power Yoga
This is a dynamic and flowing form of yoga designed to challenge you physically and mentally. It increases strength and endurance, develops flexibility and agility. The classes achieve mental concentration and increased calorie burning.
Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is designed to restore tired, inflamed muscles. Gently and slowly, it works with connective tissue, encouraging holding poses for an extended period. This style of yoga complements any type of activity and is an excellent way to balance yang energy in everyday life.
This is a form of active meditation that activates emotional release and promotes self-recovery.
Stretching & Flexibility
A one-hour session that gently works on stretching the entire body - major and minor muscles. The class helps improve overall flexibility and balance.
Not available.
They provide a complimentary small towel for workouts. There is free water available in the cooler.
Mainly foreigners, almost exclusively. The majority of visitors are women, approximately 80%. Men willingly attend "breathwork," yoga classes, boxing, and Muay Thai.
The studio is immaculately clean, equipment is in excellent condition.
There are a lot of fans in the studio. In addition, windows are opened during classes. However, it can still get very hot in the studio during intense workouts.
Varies depending on the type of class.
A huge variety of diverse classes. If you are looking for classes to not exercise alone, you will definitely find something in the schedule, whether it's fitness, dance, yoga, or any combination thereof.
The studio has a very pleasant homely atmosphere. It feels more like visiting the home of good friends than a sports club - there are many interior details and decorations.
The atmosphere is very cozy and sociable; people are very eager to get to know each other, hug, and greet acquaintances. The studio's philosophy is to make guests feel beautiful and welcome regardless of their physical shape. Even if someone is older or overweight, they will still feel joyful and comfortable during the class.
When the studio is packed during classes, there can be a lack of space. It can get quite hot during intensive sessions.
Recently, the studio entered into an agreement for juice and sports bar delivery. So, snacks are not a problem. Fresh coconuts are available for 20,000 rupees each.
Gift Shop:
Various pleasant accessories are sold - bracelets with chakra symbols, handmade notebooks. There is also a sports clothing store on the second floor, mainly for women. T-shirts, leggings, tank tops, shorts. Prices are not very low, but you can find something for yourself.
Sports Nutrition:
Not available.
There is a fairly wide parking area in front of the club. However, if there are many people exercising, it fills up completely.
Literally a couple of hundred meters away, there is another gym - Body Factory. If you need to eat somewhere nearby, you can visit Tiga Canggu across the road from the studio or Superfood Canggu a bit further away.
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