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Dear readers! Remember that the price for accommodation when booking depends on seasonal variations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems and many other factors.
If you are going to look for a long term stay at a guesthouse, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, stay, experience the pros and cons and ask the owner for a discount for a long term stay. If you talk directly to the owner of the guesthouse, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.
If you have any new information on the gestas mentioned in this article or any other good deals, please share your findings.
Gede homestay 8.4  
Pros: Lovely staff, very welcoming. Delicious coffee. The location is gorgeous too. Good location, there is access to the sea. The room is clean, with a terrace. There is breakfast. You can book excursions and rent a bike. Friendly staff.
Cons: The homestay is old, sometimes there are leaks in the bathroom. No hot water in the room. Weak fan. Location of rooms along the road.
Pros: Served a welcome drink and fruit on arrival, rooms are very spacious, cleaned every day, comfortable beds, fruit served with breakfast (which is included), free coffee and tea.
Cons: Only cold water in the shower. No free water refill.
Pros: Very caring staff and heartwarming environment. Clean grounds and pool area. Access to the ocean. Beautiful view of the sunset.
Cons: Нет полотенец. Номера без Wi-Fi. В номере не хватает чайника. Однообразные завтраки: тосты, блин, чай/кофе
Pros: Beautiful Balinese style hotel. Spacious clean room, comfortable bed. Located very close to the beach. Very caring staff, lovely people. Beautiful well maintained area.
Cons: Housekeeping could have been more regular. Noise from the beach bar may make your stay less peaceful than desired.
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