Lovina, in Buleleng district


Lovina is a relatively small 10-kilometer stretch along the coast in the northern part of the island of Bali. It is a tourist area with hotels and restaurants located a few kilometers west of the "northern capital" of Bali, the city of Singaraja.


You can reach Lovina by car, motorcycle, taxi, or bus. Perama operates shuttle buses to Lovina.
From taxis, you can use online services like GoCar and Grab. If you've already chosen the hotel where you'll be staying in Lovina, you can also arrange a transfer through your hotel.


The beaches of Lovina have black sand, and the ocean is relatively calm, unlike the strong waves in the south of the island. In general, life in Lovina is very tranquil and laid-back. It's a great place to visit for a relaxed vacation, seeking peace and quiet.
The peak tourist season is in July and August. During the rest of the year, it tends to be quite calm.


There are quite a few expensive hotels in Lovina, but it's not difficult to find budget guesthouses as well. On average, the prices for guesthouses in Lovina are slightly higher than similar quality guesthouses in the touristy south of Bali or Ubud. This may be explained by lower competition among hotels and guesthouses in the area.


TÜRK restaurant & bar.
Buda Bakery & Resto
Traditional desserts, vegetarian dishes and much more.
A restaurant with a view of the mountains. In addition to superb desserts and good food, the chef prepares excellent vegetarian dishes.
Very calm environment.
Secret Garden Restaurant
The secluded and romantic Secret Garden Restaurant is unexpectedly elegant for a small establishment. On the menu: avocado and shrimp salad, fresh seafood soup, curries, seafood, and traditional Indonesian dishes. Not only are the prices reasonable here, but the taste is also excellent. The food is truly prepared with love.
To conclude your meal, it's worth trying the local desserts: banana cream with chocolate sauce, ginger with honey, and fruit salad.


The party nightlife is practically nonexistent in Lovina. Occasionally, some restaurants host live music concerts.
The main attractions in Lovina are snorkeling and dolphin watching in Bali.
Night snorkeling is possible in Lovina, as on certain nights, you can witness bioluminescent plankton.
You can also simply stroll along the long beautiful beaches or explore the surroundings on a bicycle or scooter.
For diving, you can head west of Lovina to the village of Pemuteran. However, if you plan to dive in Pemuteran, it's advisable to stay in a hotel there. Accommodation prices in Pemuteran are generally lower than in Lovina.


Another attraction drawing tourists to the Lovina area is the waterfalls of North Bali, including Sekumpul, Aling-Aling, and Munduk. Often, after a long journey and visiting the waterfalls, travelers prefer not to return to the south on the same day and choose to stay in Lovina.
Sekumpul waterfall
The 35-meter Aling-Aling waterfall splits into two streams at the top, each flowing at a completely different speed.
A couple of hundred meters downstream from Aling-Aling, there are its smaller "waterfall siblings" - Kembang, Kroya. They are smaller in height and form a natural "water slide." You can slide down them like a slide or even jump from their cliffs into lagoons from heights of 5, 10, and 15 meters.
Other slightly less but equally interesting waterfalls in North Bali that you can include in your trip to Lovina are Gitgit, Les, Santi Pala, and Jembong.
For visits, the Buddhist monastery of Brahma Vihara Arama is also very interesting, as well as the Hindu temples of Pura Melanting, Meduwe Karang, and Pondok Batu.
Brahma Vihara Arama
You can take a stroll around the monastery to immerse yourself in tranquility and find peace. You might inquire about the schedule of Vipassana silent retreats, as the monastery is operational and periodically conducts retreats. However, note that these retreats are conducted in Indonesian and English.
In the village of Banjar near Lovina, there are hot springs. They are not very popular among tourists, but still, they can be visited.
hot springs in Banjar village
If you are traveling to Lovina from the south, you can explore the attractions around the town of Bedugul, including Lake Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan, the Botanical Garden of Bedugul, the Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, photo spots and viewpoints at Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Banumala Twins Waterfall, Banu Vana Amertha, and strawberry plantations near Bedugul.

Grocery stores and markets

In Lovina there is a fairly large Pepito supermarket, where you can find a full range of products and manufactured goods.


The beaches in Lovina have a mix of dark sand and pebble beaches. Here is the Bali Sea, where most of the time there are no waves. There are clear waters and good conditions for snorkeling. Although the underwater world is not very rich.
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