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Dear readers! Remember that the price of accommodation when booking depends on seasonal fluctuations, one-time discounts, promotions, hot deals, your personal discounts in booking systems and many other factors.
If you are going to look for accommodation in a gesta for a long term, it makes sense to book a room in it for a couple of days, live there, experience the pros and cons and ask the owner for a discount for a long term stay. If you talk directly to the owner of the gesta, there is a chance to get a discount in the neighborhood of 10-40% of the amount received by simply multiplying the cost of a day's stay by 30.

If you have any new information on the gestas mentioned in this article or any other good deals, please share your findings.
Pros: Amazing hotel. Worked by two lovely girls who cooked delicious breakfasts and cleaned the rooms meticulously. They were always ready to help. Very cozy place, it is quiet and peaceful. At any time you can use the kitchen. All appliances and furniture in the rooms are new and clean.
Pros: The hotel is kept by a family. Very kind and caring people!
Cons: There are very few cafes nearby. Communication is difficult because the staff do not speak English well.
Pros: A standard room for 2.2 million a month. Good reviews online. They accept bank cards.
Phone number +62 361 8464 360
Pros: There's a swimming pool
+62 813 3732 3000
Rs. 2,750,000 per month
Phone number  +62 812 3965 7888
Rs. 4,200,000 per month

Cozy Stay Bali
Phone number +62 361 846 6214
The website:
Rs. 4,350,000 per month
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