Waterblow fountain in a rock crevice in Nusa Dua

Benoa (Nusa Dua)
Type of place
Imagine the mighty Indian Ocean crashing its foamy waves against the rocky cliffs. Would you like to witness this in person?
Sea waves crash here between the rocks, creating incredible splashes. This phenomenon is explained by the narrow space in the rocks creating additional pressure, causing the water column to rise 3-4 meters high. It is an amazing sight.
Details:- Do not leave the asphalt paths and do not approach the edge of the cliff! Waves can easily sweep you into the ocean! Hold on to the railings! It's dangerous! They say some onlookers have been washed into the ocean during high tide.- Of course, this attraction is not always present, only when there are big waves. The bigger the waves, the bigger the splashes. Check surf forecast websites here, look for heights of 7-8 feet.