Relax SPA Ubud

Type of place
A new salon in Ubud. It opened in December 2022. Despite its 'youth,' a very touching story is already associated with this place.
Brian Hathaway was once a legend in the spa industry of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. One of his wishes was to open a spa center in Ubud. However, he didn't have time to realize this dream. Six months after discussing the idea with his wife, he passed away.
But 8 years later, she finally turned his dream into reality, and now Relax SPA Ubud welcomes clients. The main feature of the establishment is the 'Signature Relax' option for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. It's a full-body massage using your choice of aromatherapy oil, with adjustable pressure: soft, medium, or deep.
The salon is small, with only two chairs for foot massage, so it's best to book a time in advance. Additional perks include air conditioning and refreshing drinks before and after the massage.
-Signature Relax (60 minutes) - IDR 150,000,
-Shoulders and Back (45 minutes) - IDR 100,000,
-Facial Massage (30 minutes) - IDR 110,000,
-Foot Massage (30 minutes) - IDR 80,000.
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