Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring

Type of place
This unique temple complex dates back to the 11th century and consists of a series of shrines carved directly into the rock, giving it a special atmosphere of mystery and grandeur. According to legend, Gunung Kawi was dedicated to King Udayana, the ruler of Bali at the time, and his family.
Visitors to Gunung Kawi are greeted with a majestic view: ten enormous reliefs carved into the rock, each over seven meters tall. These reliefs are candi, or memorial structures, built in honor of ancient kings and their queens. They are surrounded by rice terraces and tropical forests, creating a unique picture of harmony between humans and nature.
The entrance fee for adults is 15,000 rupees, and for children, it is 7,500 rupees. The temple can be reached by tourist bus as part of a tour, or by renting a private vehicle.