Where to buy yoga and sports goods in Bali?

NiiDRA Shop Ubud
Despite Bali being considered the yoga capital of Indonesia, there aren't that many professional stores with quality equipment here. However, there are plenty of basic options for yoga mats and clothing. In this article, we will list the main places to go for yoga products and other sports gear.



A large store located at the same-named restaurant, primarily specializing in surf equipment. However, you can find several models of quality yoga mats, meditation cushions, and other accessories that may be needed for practice.


A large store with various goods, including a sports section. The mats there are basic but very affordable, starting from 60-70 thousand rupiahs for a PVC mat.

Ace Hardware

A home goods store with a small sports goods section. There, you will find yoga mats (starting from 70-80 thousand rupiahs), fitness balls, and other equipment.

Foxy Activewear

The store specializes in sportswear - you will find leggings and tops made from sports materials (lycra, elastane). The store also sells 5-7 types of rubber yoga mats priced at 1.2-1.5 million rupiahs.
There are also stores of this chain in Changgu and Ubud.

Kuta and Seminyak


Stores of this chain are located in Kuta in the Bali Galeria and Beachwalk shopping centers, as well as in Ubud.
A home and beauty goods store where yoga mats have a small section. On the shelves, you can find 2-3 models of mats priced at around 100,000 rupiahs.


Sportswear stores operate in Seminyak, Changgu, and Ubud.
In this store, there is a wide selection of clothing made from natural materials - knitwear, cotton, bamboo, linen. Here you can buy both workout and everyday clothing if you prefer a sporty style.
Yoga mats in stores of this chain are available in only one design and two thickness options - 2mm and 4mm.

Unique Yoga Shop

A wide range of products for yoga, pilates, and fitness. There's also clothing and additional accessories such as foam rollers, fitness bands, resistance bands, and more. Perhaps, this store has the most extensive assortment in this area. If you need more than just basic cheap mats, we recommend heading here.


Studio K

This is a store for yoga and everyday clothing made from natural materials. Here you will find not only leggings and tops but also elegant kimonos, shirts, and other clothing. Materials include bamboo, cotton, linen, silk. Prices are average - leggings cost around 1 million rupiahs, kimonos up to 3 million rupiahs.
You won't find sports equipment and mats here; it's worth coming here only for stylish clothing.
Stores of this chain are also located in Ubud.

Indigo Luna Store

A network of stores from an Australian brand specializing in yoga and sports clothing, with a range of everyday sporty clothing and swimwear as well. Some stores also have yoga mats, but they are quite limited and not available in all locations.
Prices are slightly above average.

The Practice

A fairly popular yoga studio in Changgu with a small store attached. It mainly sells clothing for practice, and there are not many mats and other items, but there is still a selection. It's not necessary to specifically travel to the store, but if you want to go for yoga, you can combine it with some shopping.

Divine Goddess

Two stores in Changgu. They have a pleasantly diverse range of clothing, although there are not many mats and other accessories, it's still more than in the stores listed above (about 6-7 mat designs and 3 types of bags).
The sportswear models are quite current, making it difficult to settle on just one. Prices are average, with leggings priced at 600-700 thousand rupiahs.


NiiDRA Yoga Shop

This store specializes in yoga mats and practice accessories. There is very little clothing here - just a few options for leggings, tops, and swimsuits. However, when it comes to yoga mats, this store arguably has the richest assortment on the island. There are about 30 mat designs and over 10 types of bags in various colors. They also offer other accessories like candles, meditation cushions, silk eye masks scented with lavender, Chinese tea, and more. The cost of mats starts from 850,000 rupiahs.
There's free island-wide delivery for orders over 1 million rupiahs.

Bali Yoga Shop

One of the oldest and most popular yoga stores on the island. You can find various items for practice and meditation - books, jewelry, meditation cushions, yoga mats, clothing, and even hang drums. They have a wide range of products with no clear specialization; it's just a little bit of everything.
One unique feature of the store is that you can rent some items instead of buying them. For example, a yoga mat can be rented for 50,000 rupiahs per day, and an Iyengar yoga practice chair for 70,000 rupiahs.

The Yoga Barn

One of the most famous yoga centers in Bali. It combines a practice hall, a vegetarian restaurant, a hotel, and a spa.
They also have a small store for yoga products. If you are passionate about yoga, we highly recommend visiting this place. Even if you don't buy anything, you'll certainly experience interesting yoga practices.

Pyramids of Chi

One of the major yoga centers in Ubud, which is also famous for its practices, and the store is an addition. Here, you can find incense, oils, clothing, and accessories for practice. We recommend this place to all yogis, although don't expect much from the store.
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