What license do you need to drive a scooter?

To drive a vehicle, international driver's licenses will be required. They are issued in your country of residence with a translation into the English language.
Important! To drive a scooter in Indonesia you must have category A.
If you have decided to rent a car, you will need an international driver's license of category B. The absence of a license can lead to unpleasant consequences. Local police often stop tourists to check their documents. If you do not have the required category of international license, by law, your documents may be confiscated, and a fine of up to 1.5 million rupiahs will be issued, which must be paid in Denpasar.
To avoid such situations, it is better to have the necessary documents. This will not only help in the case of police checks but also in the event of a possible accident. If your documents are in order, you are in a better position when insurance companies decide on compensation payments.
If you are already in Bali and need driver's licenses, contact @legalindonesia, they will advise you on how to obtain them.
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