To launch New Year's fireworks in Bali, you need to obtain permission

The approaching New Year's holidays mean an abundance of colorful fireworks over the island, creating a festive atmosphere. However, along with the celebration comes danger. Authorities on the Island of the Gods have long prohibited the unrestricted use of pyrotechnics over Denpasar and its surroundings, requiring permits for each launch. Generally, permission for private fireworks must be obtained at any time of the year, but currently, authorities will be particularly vigilant.
The Head of Denpasar's Public Order and Public Peace Department, Nyoman Sudarsana, stated, "We conduct monitoring together with the transportation department. Specifically, we have 20 officers on each shift. Additionally, officers in the districts also patrol the surroundings." He confirmed, "Using firecrackers/fireworks is prohibited in Denpasar every New Year. We are monitoring this." The police will ensure order in tourist areas. However, this doesn't mean there will be no fireworks in tourist areas. For instance, the Badung regency government has confirmed that the New Year festival and a grand fireworks display on Kuta Beach will take place this year. A budget of 1.4 billion IDR has been allocated for the show, and it promises to be impressive.
Over Kuta Beach, 2,024 shots will be launched. The most spectacular fireworks are expected at the GWK Park in Bukit. Around 8,000 fireworks will be launched, accompanied by a New Year's concert counting down to the beginning of the new year. In addition to these major shows, many smaller fireworks displays can be expected. In general, New Year's Eve on Bali will be beautiful.
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