A large-scale fireworks show will take place on New Year's Eve in Bali

If you're planning to celebrate New Year's on Bali, it's bound to be vibrant. While the local population doesn't celebrate New Year's as extravagantly as in Europe but fireworks are an essential part of the festivities. This time, the government of Badung Regency promises to surprise residents and visitors with an unforgettable pyrotechnic show.
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Exactly at midnight, the sky above Kuta Beach will be painted with one of the most impressive fireworks displays on the island. The party will actually start even earlier, so it's recommended to arrive in advance. Live music will accompany the celebration.
The head of the Badung Tourism Office, Nyoman Rudiartha, revealed that this year's New Year's party is named "From Kuta With Love." He kept the details secret, stating, "As usual, we are preparing a bright show with a countdown, and there will be surprises. The main concept is the same as last year."
The fireworks show and New Year's party on Kuta Beach will be free and open to everyone interested. Additionally, the fireworks launched along the island's southern coastline will be visible from there.
Another fireworks show will take place in Bukit. The GWK Cultural Park will host the largest fireworks display on the island. The organizers announced plans to launch precisely 8,888 shots in the first five minutes of 2024. The Operations Director of the GWK Cultural Park, Stefanus Yonathan Astayasa, explained, "We believe that this number is endless luck because the number 8 is endless." Following the pyrotechnic part of the celebration, a party will ensue with DJs and musicians performing throughout the night. Measures have been taken at the GWK Cultural Park to facilitate tourists entering and exiting the venue smoothly. Traffic control will be maintained by the police, military, and local pecalang to ensure a smooth flow of vehicles through Uluwatu, Pecatu, and Ungasan during the festive season.
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