There was a robbery with gunfire in Bali. Three foreigners have been arrested

Photo: Infodps
A robbery with the use of firearms occurred in the Tumbak Bayuh, Mengwi area of Bali. Four Mexicans identified as ACJA (32 years old), MEJA (24 years old), DGVE (36 years old), and SCR (27 years old) invaded the villa of a Turkish citizen and opened fire with a pistol.
As a result, Turan Mehmet, the Turkish citizen, sustained five gunshot wounds. In addition to him, his brother TME and the villa's security guard were also injured and robbed by the attackers, with the security guard being taken hostage temporarily.
"The motive we have obtained at the moment is that they wanted to seize the property of the victims. Other motives are still being investigated by the police," said Adjunct Senior Commissioner Teguh Priyo Vasono, the chief of police in Badung.
The attackers seized $4,000 and 40 million Indonesian rupiahs (in other sources, it is mentioned as 30 million). However, their enjoyment of the loot was short-lived. Three of them were arrested on January 27.
The head of the Bali Police Public Relations Section, Commissioner Paul Jansen Avitus Pandjaitan, stated that the arrest became possible thanks to CCTV cameras and working with witnesses. He also reported that the police conducted a raid and arrested three suspects in a rented house on Jempiring Street, Ungasan village, South Kuta district.
Evidence such as helmets, clothing worn by the attackers during the robbery, and other items were found at the scene. Additionally, cash in rupiahs and foreign currency, presumably proceeds from the criminals' activities, was discovered. However, no firearms were found.
The three detainees have now been charged with multiple articles of the Criminal Code, with a maximum penalty of 15 years of imprisonment. One of the suspects remains at large, and the police are currently searching for him.
There is no information available about the condition of the victim at this time.
Sources: kompas, baliilu
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