The weather in Bali, the hottest month in Bali, weather by months.

Data on the average annual weather in Bali.
Average maximum and minimum temperatures by month. As you can see, the most comfortable temperature in Bali is from June to September.
Average amount of precipitation in Bali by month.
The average annual water temperature in Bali. It's quite cool to swim in July, August, and September.
When is the best time to go to Bali? When is the best time to vacation in Bali?
In December - February, the rainy season occurs. In different years, it can vary in severity and timing. During the rainy season, it doesn't necessarily rain all day and every day. However, the cloud cover is quite consistent and the sun isn't as strong. Due to the humidity, sweating is very common. The higher the area is located in Bali, the more humid it is and the higher the chance of rain. For example, Ubud experiences more rain than Nusa Dua or Canggu.
During this time, Europeans usually travel to Bali. Overall, the rainy season is the low season in Bali, except for the period that includes Christmas and New Year (peak season) and Chinese New Year (high season).
In June - August, the dry season occurs. It can also vary and be uneven. The sky is clear, almost cloudless. This season is windier, and evenings can be quite cool. Even during the dry season, there can be rains in the highland areas of Bali.
During this season, the number of Australians and Brazilians in Bali increases. Tourists, in general, become more numerous. The period of June - August is the high season in Bali.
Between the dry and wet seasons, there's a transitional period. It can be either dry or rainy.
Here's a breakdown of the weather in Bali by month.
Weather in Bali in January:
January is the rainiest month of the year in Bali. It's not uncommon for rain to persist for several days in a row, especially in early January. There's also a high chance of stormy winds. The average temperature is relatively high, but due to frequent cloud cover and rain, the heat isn't felt intensely. The ocean is very warm, just like the rain. In January, there are many Russian tourists in Bali, especially in Nusa Dua hotels. On the western side of the island (Kuta, Jimbaran, Seminyak), the sea can be dirty and rough. Surfing mainly occurs at surf spots on the eastern side.
Weather in Bali in February:
In February, the amount of rain decreases, and the temperature remains relatively high. Overall, the weather in Bali in February is not stable. Beaches on the west side can continue to be dirty.
Weather in Bali in March:
Rain becomes quite rare and brief in March, usually occurring at night. It becomes even hotter, and it's quite challenging during the day without air conditioning. The ocean water is still very warm. March is one of the hottest months in Bali. Beware of walking around at noon as you might get heatstroke. If you do go out during the day, wearing a hat is advisable, try to stay in the shade, and drink as much cool (but not cold) water as possible. If you're on the beach, consider frequently dipping into the ocean. Generally, keep in mind that the central part of the island (e.g., Ubud) tends to have much rainier weather than the south of Bali. March usually includes "Nyepi" (also known as the Balinese New Year or Day of Silence).
Weather in Bali in April:
The amount of rain decreases rapidly, and strong winds also become less frequent. It remains very hot.
Weather in Bali in May:
May is a fairly dry month in Bali, but it's still quite hot. Rain occurs once or twice a week. May marks the transition of seasons in Bali. Winds shift to the east and remain relatively stable throughout the summer. Towards the end of the month, the ocean water gradually starts to cool down.
Weather in Bali in June:
It's still very dry, with fewer and fewer showers. The temperature is starting to cool down, and evenings are quite pleasant. The ocean water is of moderate temperature.
Weather in Bali in July:
July probably offers the most comfortable weather in Bali. It's not very hot during the day, and evenings can even be cool. You might want to wear a sweater for walks or bike rides. There might be no rain throughout the month (except in central areas of the island). There are fewer Russian tourists, but more Australians and Brazilians. The ocean water is quite refreshing, and while hours-long swims might not be possible, you can still enjoy it little by little. It's a good time for surfing.
Weather in Bali in August:
August is very similar to July. It's also dry, and there might not be any rain throughout the month. The temperature is comfortable, and it's a good time for surfing. August 17th marks Indonesian Independence Day. Indonesians are quite patriotic, and flags can be seen everywhere. It's a great time to visit the island.
Weather in Bali in September:
In September, rare rains can occur in Bali. The daytime temperature gradually rises, but overall, it's still very comfortable.
Weather in Bali in October:
Rare rains. It's quite hot now, with more cloudy days. The ocean is already quite warm. It's still a good time to visit Bali.
Weather in Bali in November:
November marks the beginning of the rainy season, but the rains are likely to be more frequent at night, occasionally during the day, and not prolonged. The ocean water is warm, making it pleasant for swimming.
Weather in Bali in December:
In December, rains become a more common occurrence in Bali, but they're unlikely to significantly disrupt your vacation. It's still quite hot, but due to frequent cloud cover and rain, the heat isn't intense. The rains and the ocean are very warm. Occasionally, strong stormy winds are possible. As New Year's approaches, the rains will become more frequent. Surfing is more common on the eastern side. Closer to the holiday season, hotel prices increase significantly.
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