A man fell from the Diamond Beach cliff on Nusa Penida and died

Bali.Live regularly reports on new victims appearing each month on the beautiful beaches of the small island of Nusa Penida near Bali. Promises from the local administration to install fences and railings at tourist sites were made a long time ago, warnings about caution in dangerous places are issued regularly, but nothing changes – there are no railings, and safety measures are often ignored.
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At Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida, an Indonesian man died after falling from a 350-meter cliff. The deceased was a 27-year-old construction worker from East Java named Yuli Abdul Rahman, who was working on a project near the beach. He was in a state of alcohol intoxication.
As reported by Nusa Penida Police Commissioner Ida Bagus Sumerta, the workers were drinking arak during the evening break on the premises of the tourist site, literally three meters from the edge of the Diamond Beach cliff. Yuli was sitting at the edge, stood up at one point, lost his balance, and fell down. The request for help came in at night, and the search and rescue team began searching on the beach, where Yuli was found dead. The evacuation process took quite a long time due to the dark time of day; the body was lifted by four rescuers along a narrow trail. The victim was taken to the Nusa Medika Medical Center, where he was kept until the arrival of the deceased's family.
This is not the first case of death at Diamond Beach. Several months ago, a tourist from India died in the same place as Yuli, drowning in large waves. His evacuation was also challenging due to limited access and bad weather.
Nature, despite its beauty, can be unpredictable and dangerous. Travel brings joy in the moment and pleasant memories afterward, but personal safety should always remain a priority. It's essential to keep this in mind.
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