Rainy season in Bali. What is he like? Does it rain a lot during the wet season?

When is the season in Bali? And what are the seasons in Bali?
In Bali, there are only two seasons - the rainy season and the dry season.
The rainy season in Bali is relatively mild and pleasant, starting in December and ending in March. It's a hot and humid time of year, but the rains typically don't last all day; they mostly occur in the afternoon and every other day. The peak of the rainy season is around New Year's. The temperatures are also quite high during this time.
The dry season in Bali is from May to October, and the island experiences cooler temperatures (+23 at night and +27 during the day) and dry weather. Perhaps the coolest month is July, and during this time, you might want to wear a sweater in the evenings. The water also becomes quite cool, around +25 degrees Celsius, so swimming for extended periods may not be as enjoyable.
In summary, visiting Bali during the rainy season can be a pleasant and fun experience. The sensations you get during the rain are unforgettable, breaking the stereotype that rain is always bad. Some people truly enjoy the warm tropical showers, while others continue to get wet . 
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