The health tourism center will open in Sanur in 2024

The construction of a new international hospital in Bali is nearly complete. Equipment installation and testing will commence soon, aiming to admit the first patients in the 4th quarter of 2024.
Photo: Liputan6
The Sanur area has been developing as a Special Economic Zone, intending to become a center for health tourism in Bali. The concept is to associate the island with high-quality medical care, in addition to its reputation for surfing and natural beauty. The Sanur region is not only building a hospital but also includes a conference center, an ethnomedicinal botanical garden, and another innovative clinic, Alster Lake.
According to Minister of State Enterprises, Erick Thohir, Bali is currently losing a significant number of tourists seeking medical treatment in neighboring countries like Thailand. The Special Economic Zone in Sanur aims to address this issue and provide employment opportunities for locals. The allocated area for these purposes exceeds 42 hectares, with an investment exceeding 10.3 trillion rupiahs. Preliminary estimates suggest that around 43,000 people could find employment in Sanur, contributing to the national economy.
One of the most impressive medical facilities in the Special Economic Zone is expected to be the Alster Lake clinic, focusing on cellular therapy for disease prevention, chronic therapy, and even anti-aging treatments at a potentially lower cost compared to other countries. This is intended to attract foreigners seeking medical services.
As for the international hospital within the Sanur SEZ, set to open later this year, it will feature five main medical departments: cardiology, neurology, intensive care, gastroenterology, and orthopedics. It will be a private hospital accessible to both Indonesians and foreigners. The hospital is anticipated to become a significant competitor to international medical tourism centers in Southeast Asia, especially as many Australian and New Zealand tourists already choose Bali for dental care due to its affordability and quality.
And perhaps the main advantage of all these new international medical centers is that they will be located in Sanur. Today, Sanur is already one of the best family-friendly resorts in Bali. Tourists love it for its gentle waves, long stretches of white sand, and affordable hotels with good service.
Moreover, many prefer Sanur for its proximity to the airport and the fact that it serves as a starting point for journeys to neighboring islands such as Nusa Penida or the Gili Islands.
So, soon, Sanur will become a world-class health tourism destination with ethnomedicinal botanical gardens and conference centers. However, for this, the island's authorities will have to address several challenging tasks. Besides construction and equipping, firstly, these medical facilities require qualified staff (apparently, the recent law allowing foreign doctors to work in Indonesia addresses this need). Secondly, stable power supplies are essential for hospitals and clinics of this level (as such medical centers cannot operate with interruptions). Thirdly, this health resort must be adequately protected from potential natural disasters.
Consequently, in addition to the main structures of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a substantial amount of auxiliary infrastructure will need to be built.
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