The Day of Money in Bali - Bhatar Sri (Hari Bhatara Sri)

Today, on August 9th, in Bali, the day of Hari Bhatara Sri is celebrated, dedicated to the deity Bhatar Sri Sedana, who is responsible for prosperity and wealth. This holiday occurs every 210 days and its date is determined by the Pawukon calendar.
On Hari Bhatara Sri, people celebrate the power of the universal force of Brahma and its manifestations, which bestow fertility, prosperity, happiness, fame, and generosity. This holiday is particularly significant for those working with finances.
Looking at the meanings of the names, the word "Sri" signifies rice grain, while "Sedana" represents money, profit, and means of livelihood.
The feminine manifestation of the deity Bhatar Sri, specifically Goddess Dewi Lakshmi, receives religious worship on this day in rice fields, markets, and wherever financial transactions take place.
But even in their own homes, Balinese people also conduct ceremonies. On this day, it is customary to place a Chinese coin called "kepeng" in a small offering basket as a symbol of financial prosperity, or simply money.
There is an opinion that Balinese people should not spend money on purchases on this day. Another version is that money should not be spent on things that do not return in the form of goods - for example, paying off debts. However, Balinese theologians believe that this is just a myth and that this day is rather a reminder that money should be spent wisely and not wasted.
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