The Bukit Peninsula in Bali encompasses areas like Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua

Bukit is a paradise coastline with surf spots, cliffs, and paragliding. Each beach has its own charm, and the views from the cliffs are consistently delightful. The infrastructure is growing, revealing more delicious and beautiful places.
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So, let's head south and explore the seemingly small peninsula that, upon closer inspection, could claim autonomy with its own atmosphere and inhabitants – Bukit. Azure waves caressing white sandy beaches, renowned surf spots, tranquil oceanfront relaxation, luxurious resorts, breathtaking cliffside views, ancient rock-cut roads, green pastures, and local traditional structures characterize the peninsula.
Certainly, like most names, the word "Bukit" has its own meaning – hill. Indeed, the peninsula is strategically located on high cliffs, featuring distinct areas and diverse infrastructure.


The most famous and visited place here is the fish market. In the early morning and by lunchtime, dozens of fishing boats return from the ocean, bringing their catch to the market stalls. The freshest catch is laid out for sale, with many vendors offering beautifully cut pieces of fish fillet. Everything you'll see here represents inhabitants of the Indian Ocean of various sizes and species, including imported salmon.
In the evening, Jimbaran Beach turns into almost one continuous restaurant: along the coast, numerous seafood establishments are set up. By sunset, the staff sets and serves tables, inviting guests to dine on the freshest seafood.
This part is mainly inhabited by locals, and there are few resort hotels. Dense development conceals a long beach with white sand and numerous fishing boats.
Swiftly ascending a steep road, you'll feel the fresh sea breeze, and a panoramic view of the ocean with the beach unfolds. This is the main part of Jimbaran, extending to the eponymous beach, perfect for sunset-watching and swimming, as the waves are moderate.
Tourist infrastructure begins from this point: resort hotels, warungs (local eateries), restaurants, shops, guesthouses. The Sidewalk Jimbaran shopping center is also located in this area.
The Gourmet Market grocery store, with a large culinary department, will appeal to many expats. Here, you can find cheeses, wines, fresh fish and meat, sweets, and pastries in separate pastry shops. On the second floor, there are cafes and shops with various goods, including children's items, and a massage salon. The terrace in front of the building has turned into a good food court with diverse flavors: Turkish, Asian, ice cream and pastries, Japanese cuisine. This place is also suitable for children, as there is a kids' room.
The area is not the calmest due to the proximity of the busy road compared to other areas. But you can still find something to your liking.


Each district stands out and has its own feature or attraction. In the case of Ungasan, it's the Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park.
The famous and one of the tallest statues in the world - 122 meters high - is visible from almost any point in Bali. This creation is unique and captures the attention of tourists from around the world. The statue was crafted from copper and brass, displaying stunning detail and craftsmanship.
The park itself reflects the richness of cultural and religious heritage and the importance of traditions for the local residents. Ungasan can also be an attractive location for choosing accommodation if you want to stay reasonably mobile and travel frequently to other areas. Property prices here are usually slightly lower than in places closer to the ocean, and you can reach the beaches in 15-20 minutes. Moreover, traveling to the west coast or the center of the island becomes much easier and faster.

Uluwatu (Pecatu)

A paradise for surfers and the second most popular place to relax in Bali is Uluwatu. This area triumphs in the number of stunning beaches, surf spots, diverse accommodations, cafes, and restaurants. According to forecasts, Uluwatu might soon overshadow the currently trendy Canggu. Here, the youth gathers, the well-known Savaya club is located, along with numerous conceptual restaurants, yoga studios, and villas overlooking the ocean.
Winding roads along pastures, villas, and establishments give Uluwatu a special charm and a sense of freedom in the soul and wind in the hair.
Literally translated, the name of this area means "top of the rock." Hence, you can admire the waves and sunsets from high cliffs. The most famous and accessible wild cliff is Happy Sunset. Other cliffs are already occupied by restaurants or beach clubs.
The most well-known attraction here is the Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu. The main purpose of the temple is protection from the wrath of water gods. It is one of the nine main sanctuaries on the island. A paved road with a stone fence runs along the cliff, leading to the main altar. Walking there and experiencing vivid sensations is a must. According to tradition, the main inhabitants of the temple are monkeys, mischievous and prone to taking anything lying around, so be vigilant.
Arguably the most popular and lively place in Uluwatu is the intersection with the cafe Drifter, Nourish, and the multi-brand store Channel Island.
One road leads down to the famous tourist beach Padang-Padang, while another heads to two equally popular surf spots. Secluded Bingin is filled with surf camps and guesthouses exuding a warm island atmosphere. The lively Dreamland Beach occasionally gathers hundreds of spectators during sunset — all locations are very beautiful yet each holds its unique charm.
Balangan is known for its cliff with a convenient platform where wedding ceremonies are often witnessed, providing a view from inside the rock right above the roaring ocean.
The mysterious Suluban reveals the secrets of the ocean floor during extended low tides. This mini-city carved into the cliff has several popular establishments like Single Fin and La Terrazza, and even its own souvenir market.
A challenging path leads to the rocky Tomas Beach (Uluwatu), with the trail starting at the beloved and always bustling Suka Espresso cafe.
Apart from crowded tourist beaches with cafes, there are secluded ones that have preserved their authenticity. One of them is Nyang-Nyang.
A steep descent along a new concrete road unveils a breathtaking view of the coastline. They've arranged a good parking lot with showers and toilets. The beach stretches far along the right side and is a great place for spending time and ocean walks. Swimming here is not very comfortable due to the rocky bottom and strong waves. Surfers are attracted to this place for its tranquility and considered it a challenging spot.
Lovers of heights and extraordinary natural places will appreciate several viewpoints in different locations where, besides enjoying the sunset, one can have a picnic.
The beautiful balance between pristine natural locations with elements of all four elements is complemented by stylish establishments like beach clubs. The pristine white The Ritual or ULU Cliffhouse are excellent options for leisure.
In addition to fashionable establishments, there is a more traditional tourist agro-park - Malini Uluwatu. The cuisine there may not be considered exquisite, but the views from the establishment are simply breathtaking.
The abundance of diverse restaurants and cafes for every budget allows you to feel comfortable and find food to suit every taste, from Russian cuisine to Thai warungs and waffle places. The famous Mason restaurant from Anton Ptushkin's episode about Bali is located right near the entrance to Suluban Beach.
Additionally, in Uluwatu, right on the cliff, there is an interesting and stylish complex with a spa and yoga sessions called The Istana.

Nusa Dua and Benoa

A popular area among tourists is Nusa Dua. It was specifically developed in the late 1970s as a zone for high-class resorts. The landscape and well-maintained surroundings of this area noticeably differ from other regions.
Numerous five-star hotels, villas, and spa centers offering luxurious conditions for relaxation are located here. The area is also often chosen for hosting international conferences, seminars, and business events. In 2023, the G20 summit took place here.
The beaches in Nusa Dua are considered some of the best in Bali. The tourist-friendly Nusa Dua Beach and Geger Beach on the right side are characterized by truly white fine sand and very calm waters, allowing tourists to swim and engage in water sports peacefully.
Many hotels have their own beach clubs and areas for water sports activities such as surfing, water skiing, and diving. There are also several golf courses in the area where guests can enjoy playing in a beautiful tropical setting. In Nusa Dua, you can find the Bali Collection shopping center and restaurants offering diverse options from local and European cuisine.
One of the main attractions is the Museum Pasifika, which houses the largest collection of artworks and cultural artifacts from Asian countries and Pacific islands in Asia. Another distinctive place in Nusa Dua is the Garden of Hope on the Peninsula. It's a small park with pathways, statues of Krishna and Arjuna in the center, and secluded spots where you can hide behind trees at the edge and enjoy some alone time with nature. Alternatively, you can sit on a hill and watch surfers or waves. Locals love to have picnics and engage in sports in the park. The entrance to Waterblow, a natural fountain where, under favorable conditions (full tide and high swell), you can see massive waves crashing against the rocks, is also located there.
Other attractive places include luxury hotel complexes from global chains to local brands like Westin, Kempinski, Mulia Resort, Canna Bali, Samabe, and others. When visiting Bukit, it's also worth seeing Melasti Beach and Pandawa Beach.
Melasti is one of the most well-maintained and large beaches, possibly the most privileged of all. Several beach clubs, including White Rock Beach Club, are located here. This place is popular among Asian tourists and offers many secluded and beautiful photo locations.
Despite the luxuriousness of the area, on the border of Benoa and Uluwatu, there is a very interesting semi-wild beach called Gunung Payung. The entrance is quite unusual – passing through an arch in the rock reveals a view of an amphitheater. Going down, you can find steps leading to the shoreline.
We recommend trying the bold activity popular in Bukit - paragliding. Capturing views from above of the coastline and ancient cliffs is a must, as these landscapes will stay in your memory for a lifetime.
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