The Bali Police Have Started Actively Cracking Down on Loud Mufflers

The problem of excessively loud exhaust systems on motorcycles has existed in Bali for a very long time. How many times have you had to interrupt a conversation while sitting in a cafe because a motorcycle with an incredibly annoying exhaust sound passed by? By law, installing aftermarket mufflers is prohibited, but usually, no one really cares.
But recently, law enforcement has begun a more serious crackdown on such noise pollution. This time, the police managed to apprehend an entire motorcycle group. In Sanur and Seminyak, more than 60 loud motorcycles were stopped.
In the crackdown on street racers, 66 police officers, security personnel, and local community members participated, working together to locate and apprehend them.
Chief Police Commissioner Ida Ayu Made Sari explained that it was the members of the apprehended motorcycle gang who had been causing disturbances and noise in the Sanur area and on the Ngurah Rai bypass road. He noted that they had previously been seen speeding late at night and early in the morning.
Hundreds more motorcycles were stopped for inspection. According to patrol officers, several bikers attempted to evade inspection by fleeing from the police, and some even rode against traffic, but they were all eventually caught by the police.
Chief Police Commissioner Sari said that this was a routine patrol activity to take action on reports from residents of speeding violations. This time, the complaints were about exhaust systems not meeting specifications, more commonly known as noisy exhausts or "brong." The Sanur area and the airport bypass road are home to tens of thousands of local residents, many of whom have families, and it is becoming an increasingly popular resort area.
A similar situation occurred in Seminyak. Dozens of teenagers, who had organized an impromptu party on their motorcycles, were dispersed by traffic police and security services. They drew attention by speeding, riding motorcycles with loud "brong" exhausts, and partying into the early hours of the morning.
Of course, such violations usually end with just warnings and sometimes fines. Whether these crackdowns will have an impact on the overall dismal situation with deafening exhausts remains unclear.
Sources: nusabalibalipuspa
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