Surf schools in Bali for beginners

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Surf Discovery

One of the oldest and most popular surf schools in Bali is located in Kuta, near the beach, on the premises of the Bali Bungalo hotel. The hotel features a large pool for initial training. The school has excellent instructors. There is an outdoor shower and a place to sit, relax, chat, and even practice a bit on a skateboard or balance board, with free Wi-Fi available. The lesson includes a surfboard, rash guard, sun protection, and sports insurance.

Endless Summer

Also, one of the oldest schools. It is located in Kuta, just 3 minutes from the beach. The school has good instructors and a pleasant atmosphere. It is situated on the premises of a hotel with a pool. Additionally, there is another surf camp location in Canggu, which is also recommendable for learning.
School website:


Windy Sun is one of the oldest surf schools in Bali, established in 2009. It holds international accreditation for teaching, awards, and quality certificates from TripAdvisor for the years 2016 and 2017.
They offer photo/video analysis of mistakes after lessons, which significantly accelerates progress in surfing. The surf school is located in Kuta.
The training prices are affordable. If you live in another area of the island, the cost includes free transfer to and from the hotel for lessons. They also have a continuous surf camp in Canggu.


The surfing school is located right in the center of the Canggu area, on the first floor of Surf Motel, just 100 meters from the famous Echo Beach and within walking distance to four surf spots suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. Nearby, there are delicious and stylish cafes, beach clubs, coffee shops, clothing stores, and surfboard shops. The location has a fantastic vibe!
School website:

Surf Season

This is a relatively new surf school in Kuta, but the team is very enthusiastic and takes a responsible approach to teaching.
The school is located on the premises of the Puri Raja hotel. There is a free transfer from the hotel to the school and back. The school features a pool, showers, provides all necessary equipment, offers Wi-Fi, and includes insurance.
In the groups, there are never more than 5 students per Russian instructor, which is not always the case in other schools.
For more details, please visit their website.

Wave House

A continuously operating surf camp located in Canggu, at the home spot of Berawa. The school offers comfortable accommodation options, a nice café, a couple of pools, a place to hang out after surfing sessions, and regular barbecue parties.
An ideal option is to come there with a focus specifically on surfing, living there, riding the waves, and socializing right there ;) It will be a complete immersion! Another important feature: Wave House is aimed not only at beginners but also at experienced surfers!
Specialized training is provided. So, if you're not a first-timer in Bali, Wave House is the place for you! They also have a camp on Balian Beach.
School website:


The school is located in Canggu. They offer small groups and an individualized approach to students and their progress in surfing. Lesson organization takes into account the suitable forecast conditions based on the skill level of the students in the group, even if it means traveling to the farthest spot. They provide video shooting and analysis of lessons.
Before heading out for a lesson, a theoretical part of the session is conducted for all beginners in the form of visual theory with the instructor: how to handle the board, control it, paddle, maintain balance, and observe safety techniques in the water.
All necessary sun protection, long-sleeve rash guards, towels, and equipment are provided for the lesson. They offer cumulative discounts 🤙🏼.


Another surfing school is located on the premises of a hotel in Kuta. The hotel features a pool, and the beach is just across the road. They offer individual lessons as well as packages and camps.
School website:

Surf Joint

Surf Joint is a modern surfing school with a focus on individualized training aimed at immersing participants fully into the world of surfing. The school combines not only classic surf and skate training but also includes elements of yoga, travel, music, and art. The main idea of Surf Joint is a comprehensive approach to learning.

The is an excellent place for both starting your surfing journey and advancing your skills. Here, you can choose a subscription that suits you, and the instructors and Head Coach with over 8 years of experience will ensure your safety and provide an enjoyable learning experience.
The school's advantages include a wide range of services:
✔️ Surf training for Beginners
✔️ Surf training for Intermediate and Advanced levels
✔️ Surf training for Children
✔️ Surf skate training
✔️ Online surf preparation
✔️ Surf trips across Indonesia
The school offers a very convenient support service and class registration on Telegram @i_Surf. They also provide the opportunity to purchase gift certificates, which make excellent gifts for birthdays, New Year, and any other holidays. These certificates allow recipients to change their surroundings, immerse themselves in the unforgettable surfing atmosphere, make new connections, and, most importantly, learn to surf. You don't need to travel to a specific area on the island, as the training sessions take place throughout Bali.
School website:
All the schools are located close to each other, mainly in Kuta, and prices may differ by about 10 dollars per lesson. Please check the schools' websites or simply give them a call. You can visit each one in order and choose the one you like the most. However, I would like to emphasize that it's not as crucial to get into a specific school as it is to find a good instructor!
A common question arises: What can one learn in surfing during a 2-week vacation? It's evident that surfing heavily depends on the ocean's condition, and you might arrive during an unfortunate period with no waves or waves that are too big, impacting the effectiveness of the training. Progress in surfing is also influenced by your fitness level, motivation, swimming ability, and so on. Clearly, the speed of learning to surf for someone who is afraid of the ocean and has a weaker physique will be different compared to a trained and fit swimmer.
If we look at it optimistically, the learning process goes like this:
1. First Lesson: Introduction to the basic theory, fundamental skills of handling the surfboard, instructions on catching waves, and safety techniques. Typically, after the first lesson, a student can catch the white water, stand on the board, and ride straight.
Afterward, there are usually 1-2 independent practice sessions where you take the board and work on everything you were taught during the first lesson.
2. Second Lesson: Theoretical recap of everything covered so far. Explanation of wave origins, rip currents, surf etiquette, channels, and more. Students learn to catch small waves, practice eskimo rolls, overcome larger white water, and start learning to turn on the wave.
Another 1-2 independent practice sessions are recommended, and it's advisable to take at least one day of rest.
3. Third Lesson: Focus on catching waves. Students try to catch small waves, turn on them, and ride along the wave.
More independent practice sessions follow.
4. Fourth Lesson: Moving to a different surf spot. Explanation of analyzing an unfamiliar spot, choosing the area for surfing, explaining the choice of optimal conditions, and wave analysis. At this point, students confidently catch small waves on their own and ride along them.
With consistent practice, this progression usually takes about two weeks. Therefore, within this timeframe, under favorable circumstances and with your determination, you can reasonably gain the confidence to independently catch small waves and ride along them, marking a significant step in your surfing journey.
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