Sumampan Waterfall

Sumampan Waterfall is still a hidden gem of Bali. It is located near Ubud, and if you are staying there, you can reach the waterfall in 20-30 minutes by car or bike from the city center.
Photo: @mustafa_magdy
Sumampan is located 3 kilometers upstream from the more powerful and well-known Tegenungan waterfall. If desired, you can combine a trip to Sumampan and Tegenungan waterfall, also visiting the forest around Goa Gajah cave.
On the approach to Sumampan Waterfall, you will pass traditional Balinese houses, creating an authentic atmosphere and a feeling of immersion in the Balinese lifestyle.
On the way to the waterfall, there is a donation box. The entrance to the waterfall is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm.
From the parking lot, the path leads to a wide rice field on one side and palm-lined jungles on the other. The trail descends into the jungle, where you can find a couple of swings and gazebos for resting.
Photo: @artdobro90
It is best to visit when there is no rain, as the trail can become quite slippery. The waterfall is surrounded by rice fields and descends from a cliff.
Photo: @artdobro90
Beyond the waterfall, there is a river that you will need to cross on foot or by swimming.
Photo: @vasiliy_nemkov
The area around Sumampan Waterfall is maintained by a local family who built the path to the attraction from their own funds and visitor donations.
Despite being on the river, the waterfall was not formed by its flow, but rather by water leaking from irrigation channels. The water seeped to the cliff and began to cascade, creating the waterfall.
Photo: @lida_koppalina
Its height is about 10 meters. In addition to taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere, you can cool off under the waterfall in the river.
The depth of the river depends on the season, but for most of the year, it is shallow. There is no spacious lagoon here where you can swim as at the Tibumana and Tegenungan waterfalls.
Local stone carver Nyoman Retana decided to add uniqueness to the appearance of the waterfall and began to carve patterns on the surrounding rocks. Here you will see images of gods, goddesses, and mythological characters.
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