Police urge foreigners to learn local driving rules

In 2019, 17 foreigners got into a traffic accident in Denpasar, two of them died. According to the Denpasar police statistics, 13 foreigners suffered minor injuries while two were seriously injured.
Photo: Klaus Schrodt
The head of the Denpasar Police Traffic Division, Adi Sulistyo Utomo, explained that foreigners who drive on Bali usually do not understand road signs, which causes them to get lost and sometimes drive against traffic.

Frequent Violations

"Frequent violations include driving under prohibited signs and not wearing helmets," clarified Utomo.
He urged foreigners driving in Bali to adapt to the driving conditions and the style of local residents.

Road Safety Education

"The traffic conditions in their countries and our country are different. Essentially, they must first adapt and learn the basics of traffic here," explained the head of the division.
He also complained about the difficulties in disseminating information among foreign citizens. However, Utomo reported that in the future, information about traffic on Bali would be socialized through services working with tourists.
"There is a plan to socialize through agencies that will disseminate information. And further, transport rental companies will not only rent out vehicles but also educate tourists about the rules here," said Utomo.
Source: Kumparan
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