Police Uncover Shocking Details of Truck Heist by Foreigner in Bali

Remember the GTA-style truck heist that happened last week in Bali? A video has surfaced online showing the interrogation of the suspect. He explains his motives and reveals some details of the events.
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In the video, he deeply apologizes, admits his guilt, and offers compensation for the damage. When asked if he was drunk, he claims to have only had three beers throughout the day.
He was also asked why he stole the truck, what prompted it? Damon Anthony replied that an irresistible urge came into his head to leave the country immediately, get on a plane, and fly away. A paranoid desire, as he described it himself. When asked why he didn't take a taxi, he explained that he tried to catch a Bluebird, but no one stopped. Perhaps because he didn't look very presentable, he added. He clarified that he had enough money.
"Where is your luggage?" the investigator asked. "My luggage is somewhere else," Damon replied. And that's where the video ends.
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Currently, Anthony faces a potential five-year prison sentence as he is accused of simple theft.
"Yes, he is already a suspect," said Badung Police Chief Teguh Priyo Vasono.
The 50-year-old Briton underwent tests to determine if his actions were influenced by drugs or alcohol. According to Teguh, in addition to this, Anthony will undergo psychiatric evaluation if required by the police.
Police had difficulty obtaining coherent statements from Anthony initially, as he was in shock and a strange stupor after his arrest. Teguh mentioned that Anthony's condition is now improving, and he is communicative.
"When we asked him to show us where he lives, he was able to do so. His personal belongings were found in the hotel. Now we are waiting for the test results. We do not know how long it will take," explained North Kuta Police Chief Muhammad Rizki Fernandez.
Sources: detikinstagram.
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