Real-life GTA in Bali: Foreigner Hijacks Truck and Races to the Airport!

On Sunday night in Kerobokan, a foreigner hijacked a grain truck and headed to the airport in a real-life scene that could rival the antics of the game GTA.
Photo: detik
On June 9th, 24-year-old P.A. from Yogyakarta was sleeping peacefully in his truck near the Imbul Mora Ceramic store in Kerobokan. At around 10:00 PM, he woke up to find someone trying to start his vehicle. The driver was attacked and thrown out of the truck. The hijacker managed to start it and crashed into a parked motorbike and car. A crowd of witnesses tried to stop the hijacker, but he sped away down Sunset Road.
Along the way, the truck crashed into several cars and broke all traffic rules. He decided to take the toll road to the airport but ignored the toll payment and crashed through the barrier at full speed. Without slowing down, he raced across the bridge towards the airport and forcefully entered the airport premises.
During this entire chase, several motorbikes, Gojeks, and cars followed him but couldn’t stop him. Eventually, after crashing through several barriers in the airport, the truck came to a halt. The driver jumped out and ran towards the departure terminal.
During the pursuit, the chasers finally caught up with him and made it clear in no uncertain terms that his behavior was unacceptable. In simple terms, they used force. Witnesses report that the crowd, in their fervor, nearly sent the foreigner to his ancestors, but the airport security intervened just in time, apprehending the hijacker around 11:00 PM and saving him from the lynch mob.
The police already have a report of the hijacking from the truck owner. "Today we continue to question the suspect and determine his motive," said North Kuta Police Chief Muhammad Rizki Fernandez.
"We are still calculating the damage and will promptly repair the damaged property," said Ngurah Rai International Airport General Manager Handy Herijudhitawan. He explained that the foreigner crashed through the barrier and damaged light poles on the airport grounds. "We have incurred some costs due to the damage, but it did not disrupt airport operations," he added.
The exact extent of the damage caused by the hijacker en route is still unknown. Reports mention damaged cars and possibly motorbikes, with at least four vehicles involved.
The police have identified the suspect's identity and nationality. He is 50-year-old British citizen Damon Anthony H. He is currently being held at the Kuta police station and is facing multiple charges under the Indonesian Penal Code.
Sources: detikinstagram
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