Playing big! - Case from Hookah Xpress Delivery

How the Hookah Xpress Delivery team handled an unusual New Year's Eve order 🌲

The Challenge:

We received a large New Year's Eve order for delivery of hookahs to a villa worth as much as 46 million Indonesian rupiah 🔥
The customer ordered 4 hookahs on Darkside tobacco and fruit bowls of grapefruit. This was a long-term order for a 10-day company vacation on the island, and the customer wanted the delivery service to bring 25 fruit bowls daily!
The order was received in advance of the company's arrival in Bali. Still, the lead time for a large order was very tight and the customer was contacting HX Delivery for the first time and expected top-level quality and speed.

Our Solution:

The Hookah Xpress Delivery team accompanied the order and communicated with the customer all the way through.
Step 1
Order Preparation.
The delivery managers actively communicated with the customer for an entire month before the start date, clarifying all details and preferences for the customized order.
Then, when the client had already arrived on the island, the delivery team leader met with the client in person to discuss the final details on the spot. And this kind of tight communication paid off! The client ended up adjusting their order by assessing their busyness, preferences and capabilities.
Step 2
Order fulfillment.
The delivery team bought the freshest grapefruits every day for a new delivery batch. Craftsmen, after prior training, made fruit bowls from grapefruits and delivered them directly to the customer's door. Preferred tobacco flavors were changing too, so the team was promptly changing the tobacco too. No New Year's Eve traffic or island congestion prevented just-in-time delivery! At the same time, the team collected feedback and wishes from the customer right during the fulfillment of this long order.
Thus, the managers found out that the client is a connoisseur of hookah culture for many years and in different countries chooses services where he can smoke a really high-quality hookah and get a high-level service. The HX Delivery team made every effort to confirm its status of fast and flawless hookah delivery, and the goal was achieved!

The Result:

Even though the order was large, adjusted in the process of delivery, and the traffic in Bali during the New Year holidays was crazy, the HX Delivery team organized and delivered the order accurately and on time.
The customer commented positively on the delivery performance and admitted that the hookah sessions were a pleasure for him and his company - words that pleased the whole team.
The customer kept our contact and shared that he wouldn't mind cooperating again if he plans another trip to Bali.
✨The HX Delivery team is ready to show you, too, that we are happy to take on any order. Large quantities? Tight deadlines? Fruit bowls? Rare tobacco flavors? We can do it all!
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