Hookah Xpress is your hookah in Bali

Smoke up space, time, thoughts.... Join us! Hookah Xpress is a hookah service on the Island of the Gods. High quality, convenient and deservedly popular!
The refreshing taste of smoke in hot weather cools better than an air conditioner. And if it rains... What can be more pleasant than leisurely smoking fruit mixes and relaxing to good music on comfortable armchairs.
We offer 70 flavors of premium tobacco for you, quality equipment and services of professional hookah makers. The quality of consumables guarantees pleasant smoking for an hour at least. Bowls - full old school style, each is a creation of a man, not a machine, the warmth of hands and so on 🤩 Much appreciated 😘

Hookah delivery (+ PREMIUM tobacco: DS, MustHave)

🌬️на 2 hours (1 tobacco portion included) 300k
🌬️на 4 hours (2 portions of tobacco included) 500k
🌬️на 24 hours (3 tobacco portions included) 700k* +100k for additional tobacco portion
*Special offer: rent for the next 24 hours with 50% discount

Hookah delivery (+ ORIGINAL tobacco: BUTA, Al Fakher)

🌬️на 2 hours (1 portion of tobacco included) 120k
🌬️на 4 hours (2 portions of tobacco included) 200k
🌬️на 24 hours (3 portions of tobacco included) 300k* +50k for additional portion of tobacco.
*Special offer: rent for the next 24 hours with 50% discount.
INCLUDED: 1 hookah, tongs, bowl, kalaud, stove, hookah coals, tobacco + complimentary snacks and board game of your choice. Also at your request, our hookah maker can assemble the hookah, heat, smoke and serve.
✔️ Free delivery to any neighborhood in Bali*
⏰ Every day from 02:00 pm till 02:00 am
📍*for distant areas there are restrictions on the minimum order amount

Hookah rental

DARKSIDE hookah rent for 10 days is 650k. Included: 1 hookah, tongs, bowl, kalaud, stove for ignition, coals for hookah, 2 portions of tobacco for hookah (+100k for an additional portion of tobacco).

Hookah services

One of our hookah maker (shisha master) easily and effortlessly serves up to 10 hookahs. The cost of service is 150k per hour.

Text us here:

Telegram: @HXDelivery
Order a hookah and enjoy right in your home or anywhere in Bali. Smoke everyone!
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