Top places to smoke shisha in Bali

Shisha/hookah is popular and actively smoked in Bali. About five years ago, there were only a few decent shisha places in Bali, and getting good tobacco was not an easy task. Nowadays, there are hundreds of places on the island where you can smoke high-quality blends, and the number of restaurants, bars, and shisha lounges is constantly increasing. You can find them practically everywhere, in any tourist area: on the beach, in cafes, or in nightclubs.
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Hookah Delivery

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The best shisha places in Bali use the most popular and high-quality blends, charcoal, and other important components for a rich and flavorful smoke. The average price for a shisha is 250-300,000 rupiahs. Periodically, shisha festivals, trainings, and master classes are held on the island. This has helped to raise the level of Balinese shishas to the world standard. However, it is not so easy to find a shisha place that has good-tasting blends, a great interior, and a suitable atmosphere all at once. Let's try to figure it out.



A restaurant that has won several awards for its excellent hookahs. It's a chain of cafes in Seminyak, Ubud, and Canggu. Eden Hookah Club combines authentic Eastern flavors and an exquisite fusion menu from a five-star chef. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sushi is also available on the menu.
A wide selection of tobacco: herbal molasses tobacco - nicotine-free, Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and elite Burley. Here you will find high-quality equipment, experienced hookah masters, friendly staff, and a true Balinese atmosphere.
You can enjoy hookah by the pool in Seminyak while listening to live music. Want to smoke hookah with friends in a private setting and enjoy maximum comfort? Eden Park has VIP rooms with air conditioning.
Tobacco: Darkside, Musthave, Nash, Deus, Starline
Price per hookah: from 150 IDR
Locations: Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud

Shisha Temple

A place known for its atmosphere. Wide selection of the best tobacco manufacturers with a variety of flavors from each. Impressive designer hookahs available. The menu includes drinks, snacks, and main dishes. 

Santai Shisha

Santai, which translates to "relax". Here you can truly relax, and a perfectly made hookah with the best types of tobacco will help you do just that. The walls are adorned with atmospheric art, the sofas are soft, and the accommodating staff will always be happy to assist you. Located in Seminyak, it operates from 5 PM to 1 AM.

La Plancha

A bar located on the beach in Seminyak. Shishas, snacks, drinks, and of course, sunset. Bean bags and tables right on the sand, often with live music. It's not worth coming too early, before 5 pm, as the sun is at such an angle that it can fry you pretty well and shine brightly right in your face. To the left and right of this bar, there are many similar places, so if for some reason La Planca doesn't suit you, just walk along the beach. You will have a choice.



Hubble - a stylish restaurant, cocktail bar, and shisha lounge. A wide selection of hookahs, original cocktails, luxurious cakes and pastries, as well as stunning views from the cozy rooftop.
A unique place where everyone can find something they love. On Tuesdays, they host business breakfasts, and on weekends, they have themed parties, very delicious, and spacious.
The first floor is the dining area, with a dessert and pastry display. On the second floor, you can smoke hookah. On the third floor, there is a rooftop bar with a DJ area.
There is a VIP space where you can hold presentations, meetings, watch movies on a big screen, or organize events such as Stand Up. Or play PS5 with a large group. An ideal place for meetings and dates.
The menu has a traditional Slavic touch, fusion.
The amazing borscht with pampushkas and Kyiv cake is simply a masterpiece.
Hookah prices: 250 IDR

Moon Hookah Shisha Lounge

Moon Hookah Shisha Lounge — a popular spot in Canggu. This lounge is known for its wide selection of hookah flavors and its comfortable, stylish setting. It’s a great place for both a fun evening with friends and a quiet relaxation. Polite and attentive staff, perfect musical accompaniment. Excellent architectural design for the lounge areas. Hookah enthusiasts should definitely visit this place.
The atmosphere here is relaxing yet lively, making it the perfect place to unwind.

Hookah Place

A cozy place with a relaxed atmosphere. The design of the building is very aesthetic and comfortable. It’s the perfect spot to spend time alone or meet with friends, working on a laptop, chatting, playing board games, or on a game console. On a sunny day, you can cool off, drink cold lemonade, and smoke shisha.
The menu includes only drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can order or bring food from other places.
Recently opened in Ubud.
Tobacco: Darkside, Starline, Smoke Angels, Mattpear.
Locations: Canggu, Ubud


Izzi Bali Shisha is the perfect place to relax with friends or family. It offers a stunning panoramic view of the sunset. High-quality hookah with a wide variety of interesting flavors.
The atmosphere here is welcoming and modern, with a great mix of indoor and outdoor seating areas. The decor is stylish, ideal for an informal evening or a special celebration. There are board games and a PS5.
They also host mafia games and beer pong.
The menu features many delicious dishes. The salmon pancakes are simply delightful! The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring you have everything you need for a great evening.
There is a wide selection of teas and other drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
Tobacco: Darkside, Musthave, Overdose, Burn, Tangiers.
Hookah prices: from 250 IDR. Promo: 99 IDR



The most interesting thing about this place is the interior. It's a blend of English classic and grunge. Beautiful, stylish, and spacious. It's the perfect place for those seeking exquisite culinary masterpieces and unique cocktail creations by bartenders.
Japanese and signature cuisine.
There are board games and a console.
Interesting hookah mixes.
Tobacco: Tangiers, Dark Side, Starline, Black Burn, Musthave.
Hookah prices from 250 IDR.


Hookah Mansion - Shisha Lounge

A pleasant, spacious place to relax, smoke hookah, and drink tea. Stylish design. Quite a large menu from the neighboring café - Signa. There are breakfasts, lunches, dinners, pizza, and desserts. There is an amazing collection of hookah flavors, so shisha lovers can choose from many options.
There is also a PlayStation available.
Mafia games and even tea tastings are held here.
A wide selection of teas.
Tobacco: Darkside, Deus, Tangiers (also Black Burn, Overdose, Starline, Trofimov).
Hookah prices start at 185 IDR with a daytime discount until 6:30 PM. After that, hookah with any tobacco is 245k, with taxes and service included in the price.


Hedonist is a multifunctional space, a refined restaurant, bar, excellent coworking area, and relaxing shisha lounge. It caters to everything from family breakfasts to romantic dates.
The beautiful interior creates an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility, positively affecting the mood and quality of work.
"Welcome to the world of hedonism, pleasure, and aesthetics," is the slogan of this place.
Various cultural events are often held here.
The menu includes syrniki, pancakes with red fish, oysters, fish, and steaks.
Tobacco: Darkside, Musthave, Starline.
Hookah prices: from 300 IDR.

Ritual Bali

Beach club in Uluwatu. Here you can enjoy your favorite shisha blends under the open sky, watching the sunset. If, of course, you happen to be there in the evening. In addition to shisha, there is a menu with Western and local cuisine, cocktails, and other drinks. The only difficulty is that the road to the club is not in the best condition, and it won't be easy to drive a Ferrari there. But when did that stop us?
Working hours: 14:00 - 23:00


XL Shisha lounge

Residents of Ubud can also enjoy the aromatic smoke and pleasant atmosphere at XL Shisha. The cafe offers food, shisha, live music, and reasonable prices. Across the street from the cafe is a football field where local young talents often play. A free bonus for fans of this sport. Of course, you will have to pay for beer. The menu features both Indonesian and European cuisine.
Opening hours: 19:00 - 2:00

Ubud Shisha

Another great shisha place in Ubud with a good selection of tobacco and a decent interior. Not the most spacious room, but a high-quality ventilation system allows you to see your interlocutor through the thick smoke. Reviews of the quality and selection of tobacco are extremely positive.
Opening hours: 16:00 - 24:00

MAMU Ubud Cafe Shisha

Mamu Cafe - truly delicious, large portions, absolutely reasonable prices, a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and first-class hookahs. As they say, everything aligns perfectly.
The cafe is open-air, designed in a light tropical style. Everything is simple, concise, and very stylish. It’s an ideal place for meeting friends or a romantic date. You can just stop by for a cup of coffee, or come for a hearty lunch or a cozy dinner and chill with a hookah.
The service is very commendable, with quick-witted and friendly staff.
As a pleasant bonus, you can enjoy homemade lemonades, good coffee, natural juices (available without sugar), and cool smoothies. And of course, the hookahs deserve a mention, as you can enjoy divine hookahs from Eden Hookah Club here.


Shisha Cafe مطعم عربي/ شيشة

A family restaurant on Sunset Road with convenient access (parking in the inner courtyard), a cozy indoor hall, and an open outdoor space that turns into a fairytale in the evening. The atmosphere transports you to the East on a magical carpet, and you won't want to come back. The hookah helps you relax and "fly." The hookah is excellent with many flavors, including a signature hookah with fresh fruits! Every Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy a sensual belly dance starting at 9:00 PM. The entire restaurant space is smoking-friendly, with non-smokers and families with children seated separately. There is a separate room for prayer.
Fantastic signature drinks, a mix of soda and fresh fruits called Soda Specialties. I recommend Kiwi Soda, Guava Soda; Jallab - a cooling drink made from dried persimmons (seasonal, hope you're lucky); for hot drinks - Turkish coffee served with flaky pastries filled with almonds and pistachios, Sahara tea - an Arabic variety of milk tea, Moroccan tea - green mint tea.

Hookah Plane

Without a doubt, the most unusual hookah lounge on the island! It used to be a regular café where you could stop for coffee on your way to the immigration office. Now, it’s an open-air hookah bar. There's an airplane on the premises where you can take cool photos and see the interior. Movies are shown on Fridays, and on other days, they play YouTube videos at sunset on a projector screen.
If you wish, you can fly on a real Boeing flight simulator with a licensed private pilot. They offer interesting hookah mixes. Occasionally, there is live music and poetry evenings. The food and drinks are delicious. The menu includes dumplings.
Tobacco: Darkside, Musthave, Duft, Blackburn, Holigan, Nash, and Starline.
Average hookah price: ~300k
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