Feel the New Year's atmosphere with pine mixes from Hookah Xpress!

New Year is a time of magic and Hookah Xpress is preparing something special for you! Hookah Xpress Bali hookah delivery launches winter promotion and presents you explosive pine tobacco mixes from the famous brand DARKSIDE! 🌟🎉

What flavors have we prepared?

🌲 All mixes contain tobacco with pine notes, which is great in combination:
- with cherry and peach;
- with apple and lime;
- with feijoa, mango and mint;
- with orange and basil;
- and this is not the limit of flavor combinations that you can try!

How to get a conifer mix at 50% off?

In order to feel the holiday atmosphere and try these unforgettable flavors, it is enough to order a hookah with DARKSIDE tobacco.
And you will get Christmas tree mix DARKSIDE with 50% discount! ✅
Prices for ordering hookah on DARKSIDE tobacco:
- 300k for 2 hours rental and 1 portion of tobacco
- 500k for 4 hours of rent and 2 portions of tobacco
- 700k for 24 hours rental and 3 portions of tobacco (+100k for additional portion of tobacco)
What's included in the order?
Your pleasure is important to us. That's why hookah delivery includes: 1 hookah, tongs, bowl, kalaud, stove, hookah coals, tobacco + snacks and a board game of your choice.
When can you place an order?
⏰ We take orders from 14:00 to 02:00 to make your evenings filled with smoke magic!
Where do we deliver?
We are happy to deliver pleasure throughout the wide geography of the island. Please note that minimum order amount restrictions apply for remote areas.
Be sure to take advantage of our New Year's Eve promotion until January 7!
🎄✨Don't miss the chance to get into the festive mood with Hookah Xpress Bali! Contact us to order or for more details:
📲 WhatsApp: +62 815 8800 007
✅ Telegram: @HXDelivery
📸 Instagram: @balihookahxpress
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